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Online volunteer for UNV Namibia and the National Planning Commission of Namibia

(Photo: UNV Namibia, 2011)(Photo: UNV Namibia, 2011)
15 December 2011

Edmund Paul Kalekyezi, a legal expert from Uganda, prepared legal recommendations on Namibian laws and policies related to volunteerism. The paper supported Namibian policy makers in formulating a well-considered policy seeking to create an environment in which volunteerism can flourish and act as a driver of economic, social and political development in Namibia.

Collaborating with UNV Namibia as well as the National Planning Commission of Namibia, Edmund Paul Kalekyezi analyzed Namibian laws that bear upon volunteerism in the country, identified the obstacles they represent and provided recommendations on how to address them. The analysis supported the government and other stakeholders in formulating a well-considered policy that will create an environment conducive to civic engagement in order to advance social cohesion and human development.

The paper is currently being used by the Office of the Attorney General, which is reviewing the draft policy before it will be submitted to the Cabinet for approval. “Through the high quality legal opinion Mr. Kalekyezi has significantly contributed to Namibia’s policy making efforts,” says UNV Programme Officer Obert Chinhamo, who facilitated the collaboration.

For Edmund Paul Kalekyezi, who has participated in voluntary activities since his school days, “it is a joy to contribute to positive transformation in someone’s life or community,” and he feels “humbled and touched” that he was nominated for the award. “It is the last thing I expected and it is an inspiration for me to continue volunteering online and in any other manner.”
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