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UN Volunteer short-term assignments
Are you interested and/or available to volunteer your time and skills on a short-term assignment of three months or less?

In addition to the more traditional international UN Volunteer assignments of twelve months or longer, short-term assignments of three months or less are also required from time to time to meet the needs of UNV’s partners.

Short-term international UN Volunteer assignments are governed under the regular Conditions of Service (COS) for international UN Volunteers with the exceptions outlined in this benefits table.

If you have an interest in short-term assignments, you have expertise in one of UNV’s professional areas of demand and you meet the minimum international UN Volunteer requirements, please register and complete your profile.

When you register, please include the reference STERM2013 (no spaces please!) in the ‘Additional Remarks’ section of the on-line registration form. Using this code will ensure that you are not contacted for regular assignments of 12 months or longer.

To register as a UN Volunteer:

N.B. As indicated above, the UN Volunteer programme is demand driven to meet the needs of UNV’s partners. It is highly unlikely that a UNV assignment could match your holiday plans, therefore flexibility is still required as/when any assignments become available.
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