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Through volunteerism and volunteer action, UNV works for peace and development around the world. Here are some examples of how we do it.
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UNV Peru promotes volunteerism for sustainable development
29 January 2016
Peru: The 2030 Agenda highlights that, even though Governments have the primary responsibility, the engagement and action of different groups is necessary to achieve the Goals through “revitalized partnerships” and collective actions. To promote this, at the end of 2015 UNV Peru organized workshops in five Peruvian regions to raise awareness of the 2030 Agenda and the SGDs to 232 representatives and trainers coming from 141 different volunteer entities. The workshops demonstrated that the SDGs are integrated and indivisible and offered insights into the value of adopting inter-sectoral responses to development challenges.  Read
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Sustainable Development Goals: Information and guidance for volunteer organizations
04 November 2015
10 Questions & Answers explain the new Sustainable Development agenda, the role of volunteerism in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and potential activities for volunteers. Read

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UN Volunteer professional profiles : International UN Volunteer
12 January 2016
This professional profile demonstrates the minimum requirements to serve as an international UN Volunteer, and highlights potential assignments, as well as volunteer entitlements.  It features a UN Volunteer Urban Management Specialist providing extensive support in the process of state building that includes helping to build effective and responsive government institutions and conducting surveys to accommodate housing. In addition, the UN Volunteer Urban Management Specialist delivers technical support and develops training programmes in surveys, urban planning and land administration. Read
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