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UN volunteer report says online activism growing
08 December 2011
Article cites the United Nations State of the World's Volunteerism report as saying that while involvement by young people in formal organizations is declining, there appears to be a shift to less structured forms of engagement. Visit site
Countries:  Canada
UN highlights vital role played by volunteers worldwide in development
08 December 2011
The United Nations is set to launch the first-ever report on the state of world volunteerism, spotlighting the role volunteers play in development, UN officials said Sunday. Visit site
UN Volunteers celebrate three decades in China
02 December 2011
This year marks both the 30th anniversary since the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) undertook its first project in China, and the 10th anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers (IYV+10). Visit site
UN official hails volunteers' contribution to development
02 December 2011
Volunteering has made a great contribution to development over the past three decades in China, and the nation's experience should be shared with other members of the international community, said a United Nations official. Read
UN Volunteers making key contributions to peace
22 September 2011
As the world celebrates the International Day of Peace, there’s a special group of people that know first-hand what it takes to keep that peace here in Kenya – UN Volunteers, serving as Peace Monitors in various areas in the country. Visit site
Countries:  Kenya
Incoming Mindanao administration invites "UN volunteering organizations" to "recognition night"
22 September 2011
"UN volunteering organizations" among invitees to a “recognition night” by current elected and coterminous officials of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao to pay tribute to their respective assistance and contributions to the 18-month administration. Visit site
Volunteering's multi-billion dollar value is focus of UN-backed conference
20 September 2011
A new Manual on the Measurement of Volunteer Work published by ILO with John Hopkins University Center for Civil Society Studies was launched at the UN-backed Global Volunteering Conference in Budapest. The manual will help statisticians and economists measure the value of volunteerism and track the amount, type and value of such work in their countries.  The manual was produced in cooperation with with John Hopkins University Center for Civil Society Studies and supported by UNV.  Read
A thumb's up for volunteer work
20 September 2011
Corporations are realizing that by supporting employee volunteering, they benefit from having better trained, motivated and satisfied employers. They also improve their public image as being socially responsible, which is attractive to some consumers. Visit site
10 volunteer opportunities for free travel
13 September 2011
In his CNN iRreport, Matt Scott with Matador Network, a travel website, includes UNV on his list of ten organizations offering opportunities for people "to give something back... share  your skills and knowledge...meet other travelers" and local people.  Visit site
UN forum canvasses sustainable development, engagement linkage
09 September 2011
Delegates to the three-day 64th annual conference of the UN and NGOs, organised by the Department of Public Information (DPI), in partnership with the DPI/NGO Executive Committee, Germany and the UN Volunteers (UNV) programme, stressed the need to “connect the dots” between civil society groups dealing with various issues for greater impact on global problems. Visit site

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