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International Volunteer Day anticipated in India
28 December 2010
International Volunteer Day (IVD), obseved annually on December 5, is a global observance designated by the United Nations to thank volunteers for their efforts and increase public awareness of their contribution to society. Visit site
More about: Civil society
Countries:  India
Pakistan lauds volunteers' contributions for social development
28 December 2010
Public and private organizations across Pakistan marked International Volunteer Day with conferences, rallies and seminars to acknowledge the valuable services of volunteers and their contributions for social and economic development. Visit site
Countries:  Pakistan
Retiree creates news portal for African NGOs and wins UN Volunteer Award
21 December 2010
Online news portal helps connect African NGOs and earns its Ghanaian creator the prestigious United Nations Volunteer award. Read
Celebrating the Spirit of Volunteerism
21 December 2010
They are the ones working in the districts, increasing access to information on subjects such as education and health. These volunteers are helping to improve the lives of their communities. Visit site
Countries:  Timor-Leste
Six Indians get UN online volunteering award
15 December 2010
Six Indians have been chosen for the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) online volunteering award for their articles which helped spread awareness on the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), Visit site
Countries:  India
UN Volunteers shine in Afghanistan
15 December 2010
The UN Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has its own heroes - precisely, 58 UN Volunteers, including 16 women, who are serving in difficult conditions across the country. The UN Country Team that includes UNDP and the various agencies has 19 UNVs serving in Afghanistan. Visit site
More about: MDGs
Countries:  Afghanistan
Yemen Celebrates International Volunteer Day
15 December 2010
In partnership with Al-Rahma Foundation, an organization that provides girls who are abused with a safe place to grow and learn, International Volunteer Day was celebrated in Yemen. Visit site
Countries:  Yemen
Volunteer Expo raises hopes and fears
15 December 2010
Some 39 volunteer groups from 12 cities came together on Dec 5 for the 2010 Volunteering Expo in Beijing.
The different groups included an organization aimed at enhancing the public awareness of HIV/AIDS, an Internet forum serving China’s Muslims to deal with issues like domestic violence, a social enterprise dedicated to empowering the migrant and rural population through arts-based projects. Visit site
Use music to preach MDGs: UNDP Official tells musicians
10 December 2010
The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Advisor, Madam Akua Dua, explained that since the populace easily identified with lyrics in music, it would be necessary that celebrities, especially musicians, compose songs that are aimed toward the sensitization of society on what role each person has to play to ensure that Ghana achieves the eight-point anti-poverty MDGs by the 2015 target deadline. Visit site
Countries:  Ghana
United Nations recognizes Arkansas Tech's Cuenco for volunteer efforts
10 December 2010
Cuenco received a 2010 online volunteering award from the United Nations Volunteers program in recognition of his graphic design work on behalf of the Association Against Women Export (AAWE) in Nigeria.
AAWE raised $20,000 by selling t-shirts, mugs and calendars designed by Cuenco. Visit site

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