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West Africa volunteers scheme launched
29 March 2010
Some 1,000 youths from across West Africa have marched through the streets of the Liberian capital, Monrovia, to launch a new regional volunteer scheme.

The scheme would see youths spend time helping out in areas such as agriculture, health or education in a different country to their own.

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More about: Civil society
UNV from Shirak to Syunik
19 March 2010
Representatives of UNV met with heads of non-commercial organizations of Shirak region at the Center for Organizing Youth Initiatives (COYI). Visit site
More about: Youth
Countries:  Armenia
With First Lady's help, Syria wakes up to benefits of volunteerism
06 February 2010
The past two years in particular have brought volunteerism to mainstream attention. Humanitarian disasters in the region have been an impetus. The 2006 Israeli war against Lebanon and the 2003 invasion of Iraq led to a flood of refugees into Syria.

Signe Ejerskov, the former head of the United Nations Volunteer (UNV) programme in Syria, which recruited 70 young Syrians to work with the UN’s refugee agency, said it had a big effect.

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More about: Civil society
Countries:  Syrian Arab Republic
Princess Basma highlights Jordanians’ contributions
16 December 2009
Hala Abu Ghazaleh said she doesn’t let her mother trash anything without her approval. "We can use garbage to create useful things," the third-grader said, adding that she now knows how to make lamps, dolls and Christmas trees from discarded material thanks to a workshop organised by the United Nations Volunteer programme in cooperation with the Princess Basma Youth Resources Centre (PBYRC). Visit site
More about: Environment
Countries:  Jordan
Project that opens people’s eyes
14 December 2009
Rose Nyirenda was a businessperson many enjoyed buying from. It is not that she knew how to market her goods. Neither was it because her goods were the best. All businesspersons sold the same goods. Visit site
More about: Education  Poverty
Countries:  Malawi
A Nepali among online volunteers winning UNV award
05 December 2009
Prajwal Baral, a Nepali national, has won UNV's Online Volunteering Award 2009. This Award honours the 'outstanding' contributions of volunteers who work entirely over the internet to contribute to peace and development by helping non-profit development organisations. Visit site
More about: Environment  ICT
Countries:  Nepal
ADB, UNDP sign MoU to enhance reforms in local level governance
02 December 2009
The Asian Development Bank and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) have signed two MoU to help Nepal government in enhancing reforms in local level governance. Visit site
More about: Governance
Countries:  Nepal
International Volunteer Day on December 5th
01 December 2009
International Volunteer Day takes place on December 5th each year and is celebrated in a majority of countries throughout the world.  Its main goal is not only to thank volunteers for their efforts, but to encourage everyone to get involved and make a difference in their own communities. Visit site
More about: Children  Civil society
Countries:  Canada
Roundtable examines volunteerism and development
28 November 2009
The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport in collaboration with Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) and the United Nations Volunteers programme (UNV) hosted a roundtable discussion on "Volunteering and it’s contribution to the development of Guyana" yesterday at the National Library. Visit site
Thousands 'Volunteering for our Planet'
13 November 2009
People around the world are volunteering hundreds of thousands of hours to tackle climate change and send a message to world leaders that everyone is part of the solution.

A new website, www.VolunteeringForOurPlanet.org has drawn thousands of visitors to register the time they have spent as environmental volunteers since World Environment Day, 5 June, and the time they will spend until International Volunteer Day, 5 December.

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More about: Environment
Countries:  Philippines

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