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Roundtable examines volunteerism and development
28 November 2009
The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport in collaboration with Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) and the United Nations Volunteers programme (UNV) hosted a roundtable discussion on "Volunteering and it’s contribution to the development of Guyana" yesterday at the National Library. Visit site
Thousands 'Volunteering for our Planet'
13 November 2009
People around the world are volunteering hundreds of thousands of hours to tackle climate change and send a message to world leaders that everyone is part of the solution.

A new website, www.VolunteeringForOurPlanet.org has drawn thousands of visitors to register the time they have spent as environmental volunteers since World Environment Day, 5 June, and the time they will spend until International Volunteer Day, 5 December.

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Countries:  Philippines
United by a common goal, fallen UN staff aimed to help Afghans
04 November 2009
The recent Afghan election was not the first time Jossie, a 40-year-old from the Philippines, and Yah Lydia, a 47-year-old from Liberia, had left the comfort of their homes and family to help people in war-torn countries emerge from conflict and turn to democracy.

Until last week, the two mothers had spent over a year in Afghanistan as part of a UNV team of more than 50 staff working as electoral outreach and training coordinators.

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Countries:  Afghanistan  Liberia  Philippines
Filipina UNV volunteer killed in Kabul attack
29 October 2009
A Filipina UNV volunteer was among five United Nations personnel killed in Wednesday’s terrorist attack in Afghanistan, the Philippine Mission to the United Nations said Thursday. Visit site
Countries:  Afghanistan  Philippines
The Philippines condemns killings in Kabul
29 October 2009
The Philippines condemned the terrorist attack in Afghanistan on Wednesday that killed 11 people, including a Filipina who worked as a UNV volunteer for the United Nations’ election outreach program. Visit site
Countries:  Afghanistan  Philippines
Online volunteers contributing to UN projects
21 October 2009

Online volunteers are playing an increasing role in assisting the United Nations' development efforts, cutting down on the environmental costs of flying, a UN official said Wednesday.

Flavia Pansieri, Executive Coordinator of the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme, said people working online have expanded their roles from doing mostly translation work to tasks such as supporting local development organizations in funding issues and even the analysis of aerial photographs to determine the vulnerability of a community to natural disasters.

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UNV and UNDP promote environmental awareness in Armenia
17 October 2009
Mr. Dirk Boberg, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative said, "This citizens' initiative is of paramount importance to sensitize the public and to mobilize residents to raise awareness and become more responsible towards environment issues and related challenges. I hope that many initiatives will follow similar to this one, with more and more residents’ participation" Visit site
More about: Environment
Countries:  Armenia
Spirit of volunteerism: ART GOLD Sri Lanka
15 October 2009
What does it mean to be a volunteer? Ayodhya Amarajeewa, a volunteer with the UNDP ART GOLD Sri Lanka Programme, talks about the spirit of volunteerism based on her experience... PDF download - see p13 Read
Countries:  Sri Lanka
Lao students learn to protect themselves and the environment
04 September 2009
Students from schools in Vientiane learned about how to avoid falling victim to human trafficking, thanks to a seminar organized by UNV and the Lao People's Revolutionary Youth Union. It follows a previous workshop on the environment. Read the newspaper scans below. Read
UNDP and UNV boost livelihoods for women and girls
31 August 2009
Since 2006 UNDP, in collaboration with UNV, has been working on reintegrating 3,160 ex-combatants from the region. Since women have been disproportionately affected by the conflicts, the organization is working with the Niger High Commissariat for the Restoration of Peace to include women in the peace process. Thus, these women’s cooperatives will be essential in boosting livelihoods and bringing communities closer to one another. Visit site
Countries:  Niger

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