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UNV in Armenia convenes volunteer roundtable
17 June 2009
UNV organized and hosted a roundtable discussion with local Volunteer-Involving Organizations (VIOs) at UN House. The topic of discussion was volunteerism in Armenia and the establishment of a network of VIOs to improve inter-agency coordination and avoid duplication of efforts. Visit site
More about: Civil society
Countries:  Armenia
UNV volunteers donate to vulnerable in Sinazongwe
30 May 2009
UNV volunteers in Sinazongwe district of Southern province have procured nine hammer mills meant to assist orphans and vulnerable children. Read
More about: Children  HIV/AIDS
Countries:  Zambia
MRU countries support establishment of youth volunteers
28 May 2009
Delegates at the just ended sub-regional conference on the establishment of a National Youth Volunteer Schemes in the Mano River Union (MRU) have recommended the establishment of an effective sensitization program to inculcate a sense of patriotism among youth in the sub-region for effective engagement in the development process. Visit site
More about: Civil society  Youth
Countries:  Liberia
UNESCO, UNV to step up cooperation
19 May 2009
Ms Pansieri expressed her appreciation at the programme’s cooperation with UNESCO to date. She highlighted the various fields of UNESCO’s competence, many of which she felt lent themselves wonderfully to cooperation with the UNV. Referring to UNV’s well-established collaboration with some other UN entities, such as UNDP, UNHCR or the UN peacekeeping operations, Ms Pansieri suggested that the scope of UNV’s cooperation with UNESCO could be further widened. Visit site
More about: Culture & sports
United we stand: UNV and India
17 May 2009
"I’d always wanted to give back to society (what I’d received from it)," he says. "So, in August 2007, I signed up with United Nations Volunteers (UNV) to work in Mayurbhanj district in Orissa. Since I come from this state, I identify with local issues and know that villagers are not on the same page as the government officer when it comes to rehabilitation and resettlement issues." The experience over the past year-and-a-half, he says, has been "most fulfilling", Visit site
Countries:  India
Filipino UNV volunteers bring hope to Mindanao
10 May 2009
Two Filipino workers from the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) are playing a vital role in peace building and promoting sustainable development in conflict areas of Mindanao. Visit site
Pinoy volunteers brave Mindanao conflict areas
09 May 2009
The ongoing conflict between the government forces and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the security issues that come with it are not enough to stop two Filipinos—Zalave Dinas and Roy Pamitalan—from doing volunteer work in Mindanao, the United Nations Office in the Philippines reported over the weekend. Visit site
Overseas voluntary work opportunities showcased in Dublin
18 April 2009
The opportunities available for volunteering overseas are being showcased at a fair in Dublin today. Irish Aid’s volunteering information fair in Dublin brings together 23 aid agencies and other development organisations that recruit voluntary staff for work overseas. Visit site
Countries:  Ireland
A global gathering in Mostar
17 April 2009
"We wanted to show people we live quite normal lives." The Mostar International Model United Nations (MOSTIMUN) was one of the first ever university events of its kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Read
More about: Civil society  Youth
Eighty volunteer teachers combat illiteracy in Burkina Faso
17 April 2009
More than 80 volunteers have been brought on board throughout Burkina Faso so as to work in primary schools. These young Burkinabè have all been trained at the National School for Primary School Teachers. While awaiting the integration test, which enables them to become qualified teachers, they work as volunteers in the context of the Burkina Faso National Volunteers Programme (PNVB). Visit site
More about: Education  Poverty
Countries:  Burkina Faso

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