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Governments must stop short-term outlook, warns UN Development head
19 April 2012
Helen Clark, Administrator of UNDP, says that 20 years after the Rio Earth summit, sustainable development is still not mainstream policy because governments considered the short-term outcomes too politically risky. Visit site
Interview: Volunteerism is essential in sustainable development: UNV
01 March 2012
People's voluntary involvement is essential in sustainable development, and the whole world should recognize the importance of volunteerism for development and peace, head of the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme Flavia Pansieri said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua. Visit site
Sri Lanka's V Awards 2012 honour volunteerism
06 February 2012
During the V Awards 2012 ceremony in Sri Lanka, UNV Executive Coordinator, Flavia Pansiera, presented Dr. Sinniah Thevananthan, founder of the Osilmo Special Education and Research Center for Autistic Children the award for 'Volunteer of the Year'. The V Awards were organized by the IYV+10 National Steering Committee in collaboration with a major broadcaster to recognize the island's most inspirational volunteers. Visit site
Heart clinic saves 220 lives in a year
24 January 2012
One year after the Long Life Heart Clinic opened in Mzuzu Central Hospital in Mzuzu, Malawi, UNV Doctor Romain Mbiya, from DRC, has treated about 220 peoplewith heart problems. Read
Countries:  Malawi
Volunteers for peace and development in Africa
23 January 2012
UN-HABITAT hosted the first Steering Committee meeting for the African Conference on Volunteer Action for Peace and Development to be held on 25-27 June 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya. The gathering highlighted the UNV State of the World’s Volunteering Report and UN Resolution recommendations, and drew representatives of government, UNV and other UN agencies, and non-profit organizations all interested in promoting volunteering as central to community-centered sustainable development. Read
Haiti to open fourth "Smile Clinic" on reproductive health
23 January 2012
In February, Haiti will open its fourth "Smile Clinic" on reproductive health to help reduce maternal mortality. The accessible free cliinics are supported by UNV and delivered by UN Volunteers in remote areas. Visit site
People with HIV now live a better life
10 January 2012
For UN Volunteer Guy Taylor, in Beijing, among the most fulfilling areas of his assignment with UNAIDS China are working with people living with HIV and supporting them to set up and run NGOs and networks. Visit site
App helps Volunteer Toronto with grassroots recruiting
28 December 2011
As the United Nations International Year of the Volunteer draws to a close, Volunteer Toronto has launched a new smartphone application to help tell the stories of those who donate their time to worthy causes. A total of 29 volunteers and those who have benefited from their work are sharing their experiences through digital storytelling. Visit site
Countries:  Canada
Private groups and UN Volunteers do digital "banyanihan" in typhoon-hit Philippines
28 December 2011
More about: Emergency relief
Countries:  Philippines
YSA blogger felt "privileged" after meeting UN Volunteers at UNV event at UN headquarters in NY
14 December 2011
In her blog for Youth Service America, Sylvia Blitzer Golembek Ph.D. reports on attending UNV's IVY+10 events at UN Headquarters in New York where she met the UN Volunteers who spoke before the UN General Assembly.  She writes: "I left the UN feeling privileged...after days like this spent with people who have chosen to live as citizens of the world and to dedicate themselves to achieving a good life for all." Visit site
Countries:  United States

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