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Thematic fact sheets
Changing the world online: onlinevolunteering.org
There are no costs involved. Online volunteers cooperate across the world, without ever leaving their own homes. Online volunteers not only provide valuable skills and expertise. Coming from various backgrounds and cultures, they also bring new ideas and fresh perspectives. And they can help develop capacity in the organizations they work with, training staff, teaching new skills or providing guidance and advice Read
UNV: Volunteer Learning Strategy
The Volunteer Learning Strategy addresses issues identified through a comprehensive Learning Needs Assessment, carried out in 2013. The Strategy lays out the foundation for competency development within UNV. It applies to all
UN Volunteers, under the different modalities and sets UNV on a path to become a learning organization. The Strategy mirrors the phases of the volunteer management cycle, looking at the soft and hard skills necessary to promote volunteerism and to carry out the assignment, and contributing to learning for the
professional life. Read
UNV Arab Youth Volunteering for a better future
Through volunteerism, young people are given the chance to contribute positively to sustainable development, while building their own skills and experience. Volunteerism also creates channels for young people to participate positively in civic life, facilitating the inclusion of their voices in decision-making processes. Read
UNV Youth Volunteer Trust Fund
The UNV Youth Volunteering Trust Fund is a critical mechanism for supporting
youth volunteerism worldwide. By partnering with UNV through the Fund, governments, foundations, companies and others have the opportunity to engage young people from around the world in development processes and results. Read
UNV’s Youth Volunteering Strategy
UNV’s youth volunteering strategy, Empowering Youth through Volunteerism, reflects the call of the Five-Year Action Agenda of the Secretary-General of the United Nations (announced 25th January 2012) for the design of an adequate and well-structured youth volunteering programme. In its turn, UNV’s strategy takes into account youth’s positive energy, creativity and multi-dimensional potential, while addressing the challenges which could impede them (high unemployment rates, inequality, poverty, etc.) In a serious attempt to balance out strengths and advantages against weaknesses and disadvantages, the document sets consistent principles and approaches toward enhancing youth volunteerism. The strategy was developed in close coordination with UNV’s Strategic Framework 2014-2017 and features specific outcomes to be achieved. Read

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