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Thematic fact sheets
UNV’s Youth Volunteering Strategy
UNV’s youth volunteering strategy, Empowering Youth through Volunteerism, reflects the call of the Five-Year Action Agenda of the Secretary-General of the United Nations (announced 25th January 2012) for the design of an adequate and well-structured youth volunteering programme. In its turn, UNV’s strategy takes into account youth’s positive energy, creativity and multi-dimensional potential, while addressing the challenges which could impede them (high unemployment rates, inequality, poverty, etc.) In a serious attempt to balance out strengths and advantages against weaknesses and disadvantages, the document sets consistent principles and approaches toward enhancing youth volunteerism. The strategy was developed in close coordination with UNV’s Strategic Framework 2014-2017 and features specific outcomes to be achieved. Read
UNV in China: 30 years of collaboration
UNV is pleased and proud to celebrate 30 years of collaboration with the People’s Republic of China. A chronological and thorough overview of the long-standing interaction can report significant progress, as well as a shifting focus toward areas like innovative social technology, greening social engagement and stronger civic participation in China, especially in an affluent-eastern/poorer-western perspective and ethnic minority perspective. Read
UNV in Action: South-South Cooperation

Within the implementation of its major projects from different focus areas as capacity building, delivery of basic services, progress towards the MDGs, environmental or peacekeeping initiatives, UNV has taken big steps in the direction of South-South cooperation. In 2012 81 per cent of UN Volunteers and 62 per cent of UN Online Volunteers were from the South. Those numbers hold a promise that much needed peace and development processes contain a substantial potential for sustainability within. Read
UNV in Africa
Along with the definition of priorities within its 2014-2017 Strategic Framework, UNV makes a point of issuing regional progress reports referring to the appointed focus areas (delivery of basic social services, building community resilience for environment and disaster risk reduction, peace building and promotion of volunteerism and youth). The engagement of UN Volunteers in Africa is well monitored and accounted for, what in itself guarantees the application of a much valuable consistent approach. Read
UNV in Action – Humanitarian Assistance
Humanitarian assistance is a key issue to UNV. Emergency response, child and refugee protection, empowerment of vulnerable communities and the delivery of basic services are humanitarian endeavors where UN Volunteers show a strong track record. In order to be most effective and able, UNV has traditionally targeted close cooperation with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the World Food Programme, the Office for Humanitarian Affairs, the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations, the United Nations Population Fund and various other UN agencies. Read

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