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Thematic fact sheets
Overview: UNV Conditions of Service for international UN Volunteers
The Overview Conditions of Service for international UN Volunteers highlights the major policy changes particularly relevant to current and prospective international UN Volunteers that are contained in the new Conditions of Service taking effect on 1 March 2015.
The Overview on UNV Conditions of Service for international UN Volunteers (ICOS) highlights major policy changes that are particularly relevant to current and prospective UN Volunteers. The new ICOS takes effect on 1 March 2015. Read
UNV Advocacy Strategy
UNV defines advocacy for volunteerism as a deliberate effort, based on evidence, aimed at persuading decision-makers to adopt policies and take actions that promote people’s participation in local and international development through volunteerism. Read
Partnering with UNV
UNV partners with UN entities, governments, civil society, volunteer-involving organizations, regional organizations and the private sector to leverage volunteerism as an essential mechanism that meaningfully engages people in social, environmental and economic transformation. Read
UNV Communications Strategy
The UNV Communications’ mission is to enhance communication about the value of volunteerism in peace and development and the importance on the contributions that UNV and UN Volunteers make to the impact on the results of the United Nations. Read
Changing the world online: onlinevolunteering.org
There are no costs involved. Online volunteers cooperate across the world, without ever leaving their own homes. Online volunteers not only provide valuable skills and expertise. Coming from various backgrounds and cultures, they also bring new ideas and fresh perspectives. And they can help develop capacity in the organizations they work with, training staff, teaching new skills or providing guidance and advice Read

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