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Resources on volunteerism
Celebrating volunteer role models
09 January 2014
The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme in Cambodia published its third and last newsletter in 2013, taking a special look at the country's International Volunteer Day (IVD) celebrations, during which over 750 volunteers from all over Cambodia gathered on 5th December in Phnom Penh to recognize the contributions that volunteers make to Cambodia’s development. Read
Countries:  Cambodia
Evaluation in Action: evaluation findings and conclusions by UNV
18 December 2013
The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme’s Evaluation Unit is pleased to publish a new series of Evaluation Briefs summarizing the key findings, recommendations and lessons learned from recent evaluations and reviews completed by UNV. These thematic Evaluation Briefs focus on UNV achievements in social inclusion pillars such as gender and marginalized groups, youth or basic social services. Read
In new publication, UN Volunteers in Bangladesh tell stories of MDGs progress
06 January 2014
To mark International Volunteer Day, the UNV Field Unit in Bangladesh has published Volunteering for the MDGs in Bangladesh. The colorful booklet provides an overview of UNV’s activities in Bangladesh and relates the country’s progress in achieving the Millennium Development Goals through stories about volunteering. Read
More about: MDGs
Countries:  Bangladesh
Report on UNV's national consultations on Arab youth volunteering
12 December 2013
On the occasion of International Volunteer Day 2013, the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme launched a report gathering findings, perceptions and recommendations on youth volunteerism in Arab states, as part of its regional project, Arab Youth Volunteering for a Better Future. The report is the product of twelve months of field work, focus groups, questionnaires, desk reviews and national workshops carried out in 2012 in each of the project’s target countries: Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen. Read
More about: Youth
Countries:  Egypt  Jordan  Morocco  Yemen
Women and Citizen Participation: Contributions to Development, Gender Equality and Governance from Volunteerism
10 December 2013
This publication aims to visualize and illustrate the concept of volunteering for development in gender budget initiatives implemented within the joint UNV-UN Women programme “Gender Responsive Budgeting: making the voluntary contributions of women to development visible in Latin America”. Read
Countries:  Argentina  Bolivia  Ecuador
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