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Resources on volunteerism
Sustainable Development Goals: Information and guidance for volunteer organizations
04 November 2015
10 Questions & Answers explain the new Sustainable Development agenda, the role of volunteerism in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and potential activities for volunteers. Read
New UNV report presents the Peru Soy Voluntari@ network model for cross-sector collaboration
05 October 2015

The UNV report "Volunteer Entities Networks in Peru: Cross-sector collaboration in the “Soy Voluntari@” network model" presents the methodology used for developing subnational volunteer networks within Peru, and explains how to replicate the model in other countries and contexts.

The Soy Voluntari@ network is an innovative reference for Latin America to create inclusive spaces and coordinate different actors engaged in volunteering.

Countries:  Peru
Researches and case studies on The 2015 State of the World’s Volunteerism Report
The 2015 State of the World’s Volunteerism Report titled “Transforming Governance” explored the numerous ways that volunteers contribute to enhanced voice and participation, accountability, and responsiveness in many different countries and contexts. The report identified key strategies used by volunteers at local, national and international levels to engage with governments and other actors who influence governance. Read
UNV and National Youth Council of Fiji launch new report on youth volunteerism
18 June 2015
UNV and the National Youth Council of Fiji publish the country's first report on youth volunteerism Engage. Empower. Experience. Youth Volunteerism in Fiji, launching it in Suva on 12 June 2015.
UNV and the National Youth Council of Fiji jointly published Engage. Empower. Experience – Youth Volunteerism in Fiji, the country’s first report on youth volunteerism.  Youth volunteers were involved in every aspect of the report's development from its research design to its recommendations.  Read
More about: Youth
Countries:  Fiji
Sustaining Livelihoods Affected by the Aral Sea Disaster
11 June 2015
Sustaining Livelihoods Affected by the Aral Sea Disaster is a joint UN Programme of five UN Agencies (UNDP, WHO, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNV) and local authorities of Uzbekistan to improve the welfare of the most vulnerable groups due to Aral Sea ecological crisis in the Autonomous Republic of Karakalpakstan within Uzbekistan. The health component of the UN Joint Program targets at enhancing the capacity of primary health care workers to meet the health consequences of the Aral Sea environmental disaster with a specific focus on addressing the needs of women and the youth. UN Joint Programme is implemented by UN Uzbekistan. The project is funded by United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security. Read
More about: Health  MDGs: General
Countries:  Uzbekistan

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