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  Volunteers' perspectives    
Finding solutions to environmental challenges
05 February 2016
UN Volunteer Iba Mar Jobe (centre) discusses community environmental challenges and innovative solutions with youth in Port au Prince. (UNV, 2015)
Environmental challenges and the key actions needed to effect change are sometimes affected by cultural perceptions and stigmatization of certain types of informal work within society. It is a problem that requires dialogue and exchange of ideas directly with youth in order to effectively address environmental issues in Haiti. Read
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Countries:  Haiti
Taking action any way you can
05 February 2016
Julia Lima served as national UN Volunteer Communications Associate with UNDP in Brazil. (UNV, 2015)
Volunteerism is giving your time and expertise in exchange for knowledge, and the opportunity to be part of the changes you want to make in the world. I urge everyone to become a volunteer in any way you can. You can start by helping people in your own community, then you will be helping people from the whole country, and then, who knows, you may also be helping people from all over the world.  Read
Countries:  Brazil
No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted
16 December 2015
Rehma Kauma (left), international UN Volunteer Associate Protection Officer with UNHCR in Afghanistan, during a World Refugee Day celebration with partners and beneficiaries in a returnee township. (UNHCR, 2015)
I am really glad to have had the opportunity to work as a UN Volunteer in Afghanistan since 2012. The time and work here is enriching and words cannot explain the satisfaction obtained from the field experience, whenever I am greeted with not just the warm welcome but the look of gratitude and joy from the very poor, yet very hospitable families in the remote locations of the Northern region of Afghanistan, where up until this year access was not a problema. Read
Countries:  Afghanistan
Working with refugees, a life-changing experience
11 December 2015
Kiri Atri (right), national UN Volunteer with UNHCR, is a UNV Protection Assistant in New Delhi, where he works with refugees to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to support them. (UNHCR, 2015)
Working as a UN Volunteer in an organisation like UNHCR is a life changing experience. It takes you out of your bubble and gives you the opportunity to understand real issues faced by people – people like you and me, people who have similar dreams and ambitions. Read
Countries:  India
Compassion incarnate! UN Volunteers in Trinidad and Tobago helping HIV-positive patients
11 December 2015
UN Volunteer Dr. David Musa in his clinic in Trinidad and Tobago (UNV, 2015)
I was documenting medical history from a newly diagnosed HIV-positive patient, accompanied by his very caring wife, when they told me how much they loved to dance every weekend before they got ill.

The couple returned after a fortnight, but to my astonishment their medical file bore an older clinical number and was considerably heavier in content. Although it had the same last name, the clinical number was about 4 years old. I tried to refresh my memory in the pursuit of filling in the gaps however, I was sure that the wife had told me that her husband was recently diagnosed with HIV and that’s when she had opted for the HIV test and found it to be positive as well.

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Countries:  Trinidad and Tobago
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What does it mean to be a volunteer? Volunteers talk about their work in their own words, and celebrate those moments that show the spirit of volunteerism.
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