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China Volunteer Report 2011

14 December 2011

The China Volunteer Report 2011, launched during the recent celebration of the 30th anniversary of UNV in China, is now available for download in English and Chinese here and at the UNDP China website. 

The report aims to review and analyze three aspects: the different forms of volunteerism that have developed in China, the mechanisms of civic engagement at all levels, and the role of the government in maximizing and supporting these efforts to achieve development goals.

The report concludes that while there have been major advances over the last decade in volunteering in China, there remain many challenges to its further development, and in particular to linking it to the development goals of the Chinese government.  For example, volunteer groups still lack a proper identity. Also, the administrative and institutional framework to assist and help their development is still being put in place.

There is a lack of legislation to protect volunteers while participating in volunteering services. Fundraising remains a challenge and while international cooperation has been strong, it could be enhanced.

UNV hopes this report will encourage similar research work in the future where volunteer-related organizations get to work together, exchange views and stimulate the debate on how to further enable the growth of sustainable volunteer action for development in China. UNV recommends this report as a valuable reference tool for policy makers, academia, organizations and individual volunteers.

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