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Feeding the volunteer spirit - Koidu
19 July 2010
"When people volunteer, it's a collective benefit," says Gambian UNV volunteer Dodou Darboe at the WFP Sub Office in Magburaka, Sierra Leone. "Critical to all this is getting people into groups and building their capacities so that rather than telling them what to do, they can say 'hey, this is going wrong' and come up with solutions of their own accord. And when we come back they can say 'hey, this is what we have done'. This is our challenge. I'm a UNV volunteer, and like all the other UNV volunteers with WFP in Sierra Leone I feel very proud that, as a volunteer, I've been given such a very central, and such a very important, responsibility. (P. Sen/UNV)
Koidu, Sierra Leone: It's every UNV volunteer's task to support voluntary action in the communities they support. So those of them assigned to WFP in Sierra Leone help sustain the work of civil society. Read
Photo story: Silver and gold
18 July 2010
Youth at a skills training centre in Koidu, Sierra Leone, take advantage of the WFP food support organized by UNV volunteer Dodou Darboe. (P. Sen/UNV)
Koidu, Sierra Leone: One way in which Dodou and the WFP support voluntary organizations is through  'food-for-training' schemes. Students learn a trade and receive meals so they can complete their courses. Read
Countries:  Sierra Leone
Strengthening NGOs in The Gambia
04 September 1998
Bonn, Germany: Eusebio Muloshi, a UNV Institution Building Specialist from Zambia, is completing his four-year assignment in Gambia under the National Poverty Alleviation Programme (NPAP) attached to the Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (TANGO). Read
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