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Kyrgyzstan - Related documents
Bringing governance online in Kyrgyzstan
11 February 2009
Domenico Consoli spent three weeks working in Kyrgyzstan as a UNV volunteer with the Association of Senior Volunteers 'Seniores Italia'. (D. Consoli/Seniores Italia/UNV)
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan: This experience has enriched me and has given me a force to continue with volunteer work to improve services for the community. The same spirit and force that I noticed in people with whom I worked. Read
More about: Governance  ICT
Countries:  Italy
"Sealing leaks and holes" for the environment in Kyrgyzstan
09 February 2009
During December 2008, Shell Project Better World volunteer Adetoun Mustapha (right) worked with the Civic Environmental Foundation (UNISON), an environmental NGO in Bishkek. (A. Mustapha/Shell/UNV)
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan: Energy efficiency programmes combined with the development of renewable energy sources will boost energy supply in Kyrgyzstan. Under the Shell 'Project Better World' initiative in cooperation with UNV, I served as an energy efficiency consultant to an environmental NGO. Read
Countries:  Nigeria
Action for the vulnerable in Kyrgyzstan
21 January 2009
In Kyrgyzstan, international volunteers raised funds for both children and the elderly. Read
"You opened my eyes!"
19 November 2008
Japanese University Volunteer Shoko Higuchi (right) worked with local staff to build the capacity at a Kyrgyz NGO. (UNV)
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan: I was in Kyrgyzstan not for a cultural exchange, but was sent there on a capacity-building mission. To get over a difficult situation, I tried to think like a recruit of my host NGO. Read
More about: Civil society  ICT
Countries:  Japan
Mounting the language barrier in Kyrgyzstan
19 November 2008
Though teaching English occasionally presented some difficulties, University Volunteer Akemi Ashida made a difference. (UNV)
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan: During my classes, I taught English without using their mother tongue. It was a challenge for me to offer the training only in English and teach my second language. Many people asked me: "Why are you an English teacher? You are Japanese." At first I couldn’t reply to this question. However, I found my answer. Read
More about: Children  Education
Countries:  Japan
Online volunteers bring new perspectives to Kyrgyzstan youth policy
12 August 2008
Online volunteers engaged via UNV's Online Volunteering service have been helping Kyrgyz youth by assisting with the formulation of a Government White Paper. (UNV)
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and Perth, Australia: Volunteers engaged via the UNV Online Volunteering service have been helping to design youth policy for the Government of Kyrgyzstan. Read
Countries:  Australia
Getting together for volunteerism in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
11 July 2008
UNDP Ukraine Resident Representative Francis O'Donnell (left) and Deputy Resident representative Joanna Kazana-Wisniowiecka (centre) discuss proceedings with UNV senior programme specialist Jamshed Kazi. (Philip Sen/UNV)
Kiev, Ukraine: Building civil society in the former Eastern bloc countries presents some unique challenges. Along with local partners, UNV and UNDP are working together to boost the role of volunteerism there. Read
UNV volunteers on the Silk route
14 February 2008
From left: Adele Del Sordi, Bettina Schucan, Rahel Hurzeler and Vanessa Vesnaver during the UNV Sub-Regional Retreat in Kyrgyzstan (UNV, 2008)
There were four of us, UNV Interns, at the Sub-Regional Retreat organized in the summer of 2007 by the UNV country offices in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. We had a retreat recently, and it was a wonderful experience. We had the possibility to get to know the realities in these three countries, to bond and feel like ONE Central Asia Team and to enjoy the glorious scenario of Issyk-Kul lake, in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

For us, it was the perfect occasion to share our feelings and experiences and to compare how each succeeded in adapting to a completely new working and living reality. We discussed similarities and differences of the three Central Asian countries and compared our UNV experiences, which we found very different among each other, though  equally challenging and important in the personal growth of all of us. Read
Countries:  Kazakhstan  Uzbekistan
2006, looking back
09 January 2007
Congolese women showing their voter registration cards in North Kivu province, July 2006.
Bonn, Germany: In 2006, over 7,500 UNV volunteers supported communities, non-governmental and civil society organizations as well as governments all over the world to foster sustainable development. In more than 140 countries, UNV volunteers, the majority of whom hail from developing countries themselves, worked in key areas such as poverty reduction, crisis recovery, elections support, governance and HIV/AIDS. Read
Spreading the word: UN Volunteers support Kyrgyz media in HIV/AIDS public education
19 June 2006
Focus groups were held with a number of stakeholders, from journalists to representatives of NGOs. Here, UNV Michael Unland records a discussion during a focus group with students in Naryn province.
Photo: UNV Kyrgyzstan
Bonn, Germany: In 1996, Kyrgyzstan was the last country in the world to be removed from the World Health Organization’s list of countries considered HIV free. Read

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