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Viet Nam
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UN joint programme helps prevent violence against women in Viet Nam
03 May 2016
Tran Van Chuong is one of the male advocates working to prevent violence against women and girls in Viet Nam through the Partners for Prevention, a UN joint programme. (Photo: UNV Viet Nam FU and UN Women Viet Nam, 2016)
Da Nang, Viet Nam: Through the Male Advocacy Club set up by the Women’s Union in Da Nang, Viet Nam, as part of the Partners for Prevention (P4P) UN joint programme, 26-year old Tran Van Chuong found a way to help his neighbour stop beating his wife and learned how to convey his own feelings without insulting or hurting those he spoke to.   Read
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Raising awareness of health issues in Viet Nam
07 April 2016
Emmanuel Eraly (right) hands out a helmet to an elementary school child in Hanoi, Viet Nam on the occasion of UN Road Safety Week 2015. (Jakub Zak, 2015)
Viet Nam: World Health Day is the birthday of the World Health Organization (WHO) and a day that is close to Emmanuel Eraly’s heart, as he has been involved in many campaigns to raise awareness of health issues in Viet Nam, where he worked for almost four years as a UNV intern and later as an international UN Volunteer supporting the communications function of WHO. Read
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Changing laws to safeguard women’s rights in Viet Nam
01 April 2016
Leika Aruga (Japan) UN Volunteer Programme Specialist in Governance for UN Women in Viet Nam leads a group of ambassadors and heads of agencies on a field visit pertaining to human trafficking in a border area where ethnic minorities reside. Photo: Vietnam Women' Union, 2015
Hanoi, Viet Nam: When Leika Aruga (Japan) arrived at her duty station as a UN Volunteer Programme Specialist in Governance for UN Women in May 2014, it was a critical moment for women’s rights in Viet Nam. Little did she know how much she would use her training and background in international law to secure the inclusion of women's human rights in Vietnamese laws. Read
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It is exciting to provide support for the health and nutrition of Vietnamese children and mothers
12 August 2015
Aisling Daly, UN Youth Volunteer fully funded from Ireland, in a Group meeting with Health Centre staff in a Dong Thap (UNV, 2015)
Hanoi, Vietnam: I started in my position as a United Nations Youth Volunteer in Nutrition working with UNICEF Viet Nam in May 2015. I was really excited about the prospect of living and working in this amazing country whilst also working within the UN system for the first time.

My previous experiences had been with NGO's working mainly in African countries, where, my work was focused on service delivery and community-based behaviour change programmes. I have spent a lot of time adjusting to the changes and differences within my new working environment.

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UNV’s experience in strengthening volunteer infrastructure
27 October 2014
This series of knowledge products, including a global report and several country reports, is based on the findings of a global evaluation on UNV's contribution to volunteer infrastructure carried out in 2013.   Read
Countries:  Burkina Faso  Cape Verde  Liberia  Nepal  Togo

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