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Development assistance
Bangladeshi UNV volunteer Ayesha Noor (far right) meeting people with the Assistant Superintendent for Development (centre) to help identify community driven district development projects in Liberia. (UNMIL/UNV)
Development assistance is about helping people make their lives better in the longer term, addressing the deeper issues that can impede human development.

All around the world, UN Volunteers help people to lead more productive, fulfilling and creative lives through quality education and improved healthcare, or by ensuring equitable access to resources and sustainable practices.

In addition, UN Volunteers can also serve within the government and other local partners, helping to build local capacity and knowledge.

UNV assignments are quite diverse, and the work of UN Volunteers address not only the three  areas below but many others too:

If you wish to register your profile in the UNV database of potential candidates, please go to register to be a UN Volunteer.

UNV is administered by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)