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April 2016 Ecuador Earthquake: How to Volunteer

People who are interested to serve as UN Volunteers in the response to the crisis in Ecuador are invited to register their profiles here, and select the code "ECUADOR_2016" in the Special Recruitment Section. If you are already registered on the UNV roster, go to myprofile.unv.org and select the code "ECUADOR_2016" in the Special Recruitment Section. Please note that we are looking for volunteers who are fluent in Spanish.

Based on previous experience in this kind of emergency, we are likely to need the support of UN Volunteers in the areas of civil engineering, medical services (particularly psychological services), architecture, disaster reduction, monitoring and evaluation, reporting, and communications, among others. As soon as the needs for specific volunteer assignments are defined, we will publish more details on our website here, and on our social media platforms.

Special Recruitment for Specialists

Demands for UNV assignments come from more than 140 countries and cover a wide range of professional skills and competencies. The majority of UNV assignments are filled by candidates from our database who have expressed an interest in becoming UN Volunteers. 

Therefore, the best way to be considered for a UNV assignment is to register your profile in our database of potential candidates.  If you wish to do so, please go to register to be a UN Volunteer.

In some cases, we seek additional applications for a specific area of professional expertise or for projects which require larger numbers of UN Volunteers. Only the Descriptions of Assignments (DoA) for such assignments are posted here. This is not a complete list of all current UN Volunteer opportunities.

Special Recruitment for Youth

The UN Youth Volunteer modality aims to mobilize Youth between 18 and 29 years old. UN Youth Volunteer assignments are posted here or on partner websites, and via Facebook and Twitter. Carefully read the description of assignment (DOA) which includes information about requirements and instructions on how to apply.

Please note that all UN Youth Volunteers must be between 18 and 29 years of age throughout the entire duration of their service. To know more about the Youth programme, please visit our dedicated webpages

UNV is administered by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)