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UNV Midwife Trainer with UNFPA in Haiti, Annick Coulibaly, from Côte d’Ivoire, attends to a newborn at the Clinic Sonub, Petit Place Cazeau. (UNV, 2012)
World Health Day 2014
07 April 2014
Bonn, Germany: World Health Day is celebrated every year on April 7 to mark the importance of health for people to be productive and happy. The day, which marks the founding of the World Health Organization, provides an occasion to draw worldwide attention each year to a subject of major importance to global health.

Read about some of the UN Volunteers who are carrying out assignments in the health sector, helping achieve Millennium Development Goals to reduce child mortality, improve maternal health and combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases, and addressing many other health issues around the world. Visit site
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International Women's Day
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UNV Medical Officer provides quality health care within UNMISS civilian protection site in Malakal - An in-depth interview with Dr. Meroni Abraham
07 April 2014
Dr. Meroni Abraham, a UNV Medical Officer serving at the Level I Clinic in Malakal, South Sudan, treats a child sheltering in the UNMISS site for the protection of civilians. (Issac Alebe Avoro, UNMISS Public Information Office, 2013)
Malakal, South Sudan: The UNV Field Unit in South Sudan recently conducted an in-depth interview with UNV Medical Officer Dr. Meroni Abraham who is currently assigned to the Level 1 Clinic at the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) in Malakal.  Dr. Abraham vividly describes how he provides quality health care in the aftermath of conflict to the many sheltering in the UNMISS site for the protection of civilians.   Read
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Dr. Simon Bagumaho, a UNV Medical Officer assigned to UNMISS at Bentiu, sets off on a field visit to Yei, in South Sudan. (Bernaflor Pujanes, UNMISS Medevac Coordinator, 2014)
Emergency obstetric care during height of South Sudan crisis
07 April 2014
Bentiu, South Sudan: As a UNV Medical Officer attached to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) Level I Clinic in Bentiu, Dr. Simon Bagumaho, is challenged daily to carry medical procedures normally beyond the scope of the health facility.  In this in-depth Volunteer Voice,  Dr. Bagumaho reflects on how he and his medical team have risen to these challenges. Read
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