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Annual Report 2009: Engaging Communities
Christine Ouedraogo, a volunteer primary school teacher with the Burkina Faso National Volunteer Programme, is one of an increasing number of young Burkinabé who are getting involved in the development of their country. Christine has more than 50 students in her class in the village of Worokuy in the Boucle de Mouhoun region. (Giacomo Pirozzi, 2010)
Annual Report 2009, 'Engaging Communities', illustrates the impact of volunteerism on development, especially at the community level.  Structured around advocacy, integration and mobilization, the cornerstones of our work, it examines how UNV and development partners, powered by volunteerism, achieve human development. Results are highlighted in gender and youth empowerment (chapter one), environment and climate change adaptation (chapter two), as well as health, peacekeeping and humanitarian response (chapter three).

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