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Annual Report 2010
The Hida brothers, Ramazan (top) and Mateo (bottom), have participated in
project activities to improve the integration of Roma and Egyptian minorities in Tirana, Albania. Ramazan has volunteered in awareness campaigns related to health, family planning and the prevention of HIV/AIDS and sexually-transmitted infections. (Gavin White/UNV, 2011)
Our UNV Annual Report 2010, ‘Inspiring Youth’, shows the powerful force of youth volunteerism. Often a large part of the population, youth represent a valuable resource to respond to peace and development challenges within their communities.

In 1976, the UN expanded the mandate of UNV to include advancing the role of youth in contributing to economic and social progress and development. UNV has created opportunities for youth to become engaged and to build their skills through volunteer action. 

UNV Annual Report 2010: Inspiring Youth [pdf]
Statistical and Financial Information for 2010 [pdf]

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