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Partnering with UNV

UNV partners with UN entities, governments, civil society, volunteer-involving organizations, regional organizations and the private sector to leverage volunteerism as an essential mechanism that meaningfully engages people in social, environmental and economic transformation.

We work in partnership with development stakeholders to foster progress towards inclusive and sustainable peace and development through volunteerism. Partnerships between UNV and other organizations are characterized by a commitment to shared goals and outcomes, a clear definition of roles and responsibilities and a framework for mutual accountability.

UNV’s comparative advantage is its knowledge and ability to leverage the transformative potential of volunteerism, community voluntary action and civic engagement through active partnerships with diverse partners.

With about 6,500 UN Volunteers in the field, a growing number of UN Youth Volunteers, 25,000 qualified potential volunteers on our roster, around 11,000 UN Online Volunteers and over 300,000 potential online volunteers, UNV provides a talent solution for our partners.

UN Volunteers are willing and able to work in all development and peace situations, including some of the most difficult contexts and remote locations. They work in local communities to leverage synergies between local knowledge and expert solutions. Additionally, they constitute a flexible, cost-effective resource in ensuring scale, impact and sustainability in peace and development interventions, including in crisis and post-crisis situations.

UNV, as a catalyst, knowledge broker and convener, seeks to leverage volunteer knowledge, research and technology to develop innovative solutions that improve the quality of life at community level. Working with UNV enables partners to increase the visibility of their international engagement and people-centered development cooperation.

You can have an overview on partnering with UNV here


Activities undertaken by fully funded UN Volunteers cover a wide range of sectors and geographical regions.  On the whole, the key factors determining fully funded assignments include:

  • Demand expressed by the host organization via the Description of Assignment (DoA) submitted;
  • Donor preference to support activities in certain countries and/or thematic areas;
  • Donor support for their own nationals or third country nationals (national volunteers)
  • Security considerations/language requirements, etc.

Level of contributions

Donors give contributions for fully funded assignments by allocating a specific amount which UNV manages or specifying a number of posts or persons/months.

This page can found at: http://www.unv.org/en/partners.html