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Acting for the respect of human rights
14 April 2016
Gaetane Cornet is a UN Volunteer serving as Human Rights Associate at the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Quito. (UNV, 2016)
«All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights », declares the first article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. My work at the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Quito, Ecuador, has mainly attempted to make this declaration a reality. Read
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Countries:  Ecuador
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Women volunteers helping to rebuild Gaza
04 April 2016
Engineers and workers are part of this USD $ 14 million project to facilitate the removal of debris of destroyed homes and other civic infrastructure in The Gaza Strip. Four female engineers that include Mona and Diana are also part of this programme. Read
Changing laws to safeguard women’s rights in Viet Nam
01 April 2016
Leika Aruga (Japan) UN Volunteer Programme Specialist in Governance for UN Women in Viet Nam leads a group of ambassadors and heads of agencies on a field visit pertaining to human trafficking in a border area where ethnic minorities reside. Photo: Vietnam Women' Union, 2015
When Leika Aruga (Japan) arrived at her duty station as a UN Volunteer Programme Specialist in Governance for UN Women in May 2014, it was a critical moment for women’s rights in Viet Nam. Little did she know how much she would use her training and background in international law to secure the inclusion of women's human rights in Vietnamese laws. Read
More about: Gender
Countries:  Japan  Viet Nam
Volunteering brings happiness
18 March 2016
UN Volunteer Mohammad Abbas helping refugees in Cairo

In January 2015, I became UN Volunteer Reception Coordinator for UNHCR in Cairo. I became the face of UNV. I was receiving asylum seekers – Syrian and North African. People would start lining up from eight in the morning. Queues of the desperate and the tired. A crowd of humanity wanting a ray of hope. I, somehow, became their hope Read

Countries:  Egypt
Advancing Human Rights in South Sudan
17 March 2016
UN Volunteer Francesca Tronco (left) is chatting to women from Aduel, Rumbek East, after conducting interviews towards a peace process between rival communities in the area. (UNMISS, 2015)
Serving as a UN Volunteer in South Sudan has made me more humble. It has made me aware of the many challenges people are facing around the world. This work has also empowered me. If I have been able to survive here for more than two years, and be happy, I think I can survive anywhere. Read
Countries:  South Sudan
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