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Culture of volunteerism in Armenia
22 July 2010
Yerevan, Armenia: The booklet 'Culture of Volunteerisms in Armenia' explores three focus areas - the regulatory environment, motivations behind volunteerism, and volunteer management practices - to explain the under-utilization of volunteers and to suggest opportunities for the promotion of volunteerism in the country. It is the result of the joint efforts of the researcher, Ms. Mane Tadevosyan, and Ms. Lusine Hakobyan, National Coordinator for the CIVICUS Civil Society Index in Armenia, a project within Counterpart International. The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme in Armenia helped to define the methodology and to gather the data for the study. Read
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Marketing Armenian cheese
22 July 2010
Elena Vasseur Garcia (left), from Kraft Latin America, and Peter Hofsaess, from Kraft Germany, travelled to Armenia as Private/Corporate Sector volunteers to share their expertise with local cheese manufacturers. (UNV)
Yerevan, Armenia: Private/Corporate Sector volunteers from Kraft Latin America and Kraft Germany travelled to Armenia to share their expertise with local cheese manufacturers, helping to improve the know-how of cheese companies and the livelihoods of rural producers. Read
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Supporting small businesses in Armenia
04 June 2010
Paolo Faberi (left) provides training on marketing tools for three sectors whose products have a high potential to be successfully exported: cheese, canned fruits and vegetables, and honey. (UNV)
Yerevan, Armenia: As highly skilled experts, UNV volunteers are spreading the image of capable professionals coming to Armenia full of enthusiasm to give a hand for development. Read
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Volunteerism: a driving force for development in Armenia
27 January 2010
Yerevan, Armenia: The Armenian authorities, UN representatives and civil society activists discussed the social and economic importance of volunteerism for development during a round table discussion which honoured International Volunteer Day. Read
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New faces as UNV expands in Armenia
20 November 2009
During his assignment, Edoardo Martinelli (centre) accompanied the local NGO ‘Partnership and Teaching’ to the Syunik region to advise on a traditional water distribution system. He also helped mobilize the local community in a self-led water management. (UNV)
Yerevan, Armenia: The first international volunteers have arrived in Armenia and are already at work on their assignments. Meanwhile UNV continues to support efforts to improve the voluntary sector and is actively engaging with the Government and civil society on a number of new initiatives. Read
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