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Building capacity to improve the use and supply of water
22 March 2012
International UN Volunteer Tom Tengco, with Mr. Patrick Handia (Chairman, VUKA Famers' Cooperatives), inspecting water impounding project almost half-filled with rain water for vegetable growing and drinking for animals.  The structure was initiated by the AYVEP volunteers in the area. (Anock Kapira/UNV, 2011)
Choma, Zambia: “Zambia’s abundant wetlands remind me of the Philippines,” said Tom. “I take every opportunity to share proven techniques we use in my homeland that can improve farms’ efficiency and increase food production.”

“For example, I suggested rice, a viable crop for Zambia’s wetlands, to the youth group. By digging the irrigation canals deep enough between the crop beds, they can farm fish alongside the rice. Earth excavated from the canals is used to raise the level of other crop beds above water to grow different high value crops.” Read
Zambia youth impress UN Secretary-General with their grasp of human rights
29 February 2012
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon meets high school human rights club members in Livingstone during his first mission to Zambia. UN Volunteer Mwenzi Katolo helped organize the students' presentation on human rights for the Secretary-General. (Georgina Smith, 2012)
Livingstone, Zambia: A human rights presentation by Livingstone high school students and organized in part by a UN Volunteer, impresses UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon during his first visit to Zambia and encourages him about the country's future. Read
UN Volunteers accepted by Zambia HRC colleagues
16 December 2011
Before Mr Mwiba Mweenda joined the staff of the Zambia Human Rights Commission, he was posted there as a national UN Volunteer. (Carol Atwell/UNV,2011)
Lusaka, Zambia: UN Volunteers at Zambia Human Rights Commission are known for going "the extra mile in doing their work" and have been accepted by their colleagues, says HRC Deputy Director. Read
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Volunteering for our Planet in Zambia
30 December 2009
UNV Deputy Executive Coordinator Naheed Haque and Programme Specialist Robert Palmer plant trees at the IVD celebration launch in Gamela. (Sirak Gebrehiwot/UNV)
Gamela, Zambia: UNV Deputy Executive Coordinator Naheed Haque has hailed the volunteer spirit of youth contributing to their communities and resolving problems in Zambia and says she is inspired by their enthusiasm and motivation. Read
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Volunteering begins at home
07 August 2009
Zambian national UNV volunteer Queen Seketi (facing camera) takes part in a march to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS. (UNV)
Kalulushi, Zambia: I have been blessed to have an assignment in the district where I grew up. The beautiful thing about working in such a set-up is that you already have some idea on how things work in terms of geographical setting and people’s way of life. Read
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