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Humanitarian Volunteers: Making Change Happen
19 August 2011
During a visit to assess the Bulo Baclay IDP settlement in Galkayo, Somalia, refugee children readily surround the interviewer (crouching at centre) to discuss their needs. (UNV/2011)
Bonn, Germany: Whenever our televisions show distressing scenes of war, famine or disaster, inevitably we ask ourselves: “What can we do to help?” It’s the kind of question that makes us human, and many people do go the extra mile and act. Chances are that these men and women make change happen through their own free will, and without expectation of reward. Chances are that these people are volunteers. Read
Photo story: Life in the camps
28 April 2010
More UNV volunteers than ever are gaining valuable experience via the UNV Intern programme, which places younger volunteers with UN agencies around the world. Czech national Filip Rames shares his impressions of life with UNHCR in Yemen. Read
Somali refugees in Yemen gain from UNV volunteer's expertise
18 June 2008
Somalian refugees gather at a WFP distribution centre in Yemen. (UNV)
Aden, Yemen: With 20,000 new mouths to feed this year alone, one UNV volunteer working with the World Food Programme (WFP) in Yemen plays a vital part in managing a little-reported emergency. Read
Countries:  Yemen
UNV volunteer supports WFP efforts to build capacity of Somali minorities
20 March 2008
Wilfred Tokpah, UNV volunteer and officer in charge of the WFP sub-office in Hargeisa, Somaliland, visiting a WFP “food for training” centre.
Hargeisa, Somalia : The sounds of algebra and sewing machines ring out and the smell of freshly-baked cakes wafts through the Shamsudin Skills Development
Center.  Women from nearby camps of Internally Displaced People (IDPs)
are learning valuable skills that can help them earn an income here in
Hargeisa, capital of Somaliland. Read
'Impartial' international UNV volunteers help feed Somalis
14 February 2008
Children in Merca, Somalia benefit from a "Food For Education” programme organised by the World Food Programme and supported by United Nations Volunteers. (Saidamon Bodamaev, Somalia, 2008)
International UNV volunteers make up nearly 10 per cent of World Food Programme's international staff in Somalia. The perceived impartiality of international staff, says the WFP head in the country, is useful in facing local clans' sensitivities.

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