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Trinidad and Tobago
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Impacting the lives of others
26 April 2013
Víctor Reyes (left) is a UN Volunteer CSR Policy Specialist in Trinidad and Tobago. (UNV, 2013)
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: An international United Nations Volunteer experience has more to it than the professional opportunity. I chose this volunteer assignment for the opportunity to significantly impact the lives of those with few opportunities. Read
Nourishing camaraderie with the UNV family
24 June 2009
Katrina and Bernice: the first batch of UNV babies in Trinidad and Tobago. (UNV)
Gran Couva, Trinidad: Thanks to the ever-energetic team of Jens, Natalie and Rene, we had a very warm bonding at our first-ever UNV Family Day on Sunday 7 June 2009. Read
A day at Serenity Place
11 February 2009
IVD 2008 at 'Serenity Place, Port Fortin, Trinidad: (standing from left to right)  Dr. Geeta Misra, Dr. Trysa Konstantin, Dr. Muhammad Zaman, Dr. Bikshit Guria, Baby Sanna, Mr. Cole, Dr. Valluri Avinash, Dr. Prasanta Misra, (sitting from left to right)  Dr. Sahana Sharmin, Dr. Nilgiri Kerketta, Dr. Aruna, Dr. Khandker Haque (not in the picture)
Port Fortin, Trinidad: In the spirit of promoting and encouraging volunteerism, a group of UNV volunteers visited 'Serenity Place'. Though an impromptu idea, the group made a small contribution in the form of gift hampers and a First Aid kit. Read
More about: Gender  Health
Volunteering our service is a noble deed
18 November 2008
Dr. Darisuren Chanrav (left), a UNV volunteer from Mongolia, discusses health issues with a staff nurse and community member in Trinidad. (UNV)
Port of Spain, Trinidad: UNV volunteer Dr. Darisuren Chanrav shares her experiences working in "small island nations" across the globe - places that couldn't be more different from her native Mongolia. Read
More about: HIV/AIDS  Health
Countries:  Maldives  Mongolia
The Trinidad scene: Monitoring and evaluation for UNDP
24 September 2008
UNV volunteer intern Viviana Maria Salsi (left, with colleagues Natalia Vinnytska and Natalie Sealy) works with UNDP in Trinidad and Tobago and is fully funded by the Government of Italy. (UNV)
Port of Spain, Trinidad: What I do at the office complements and is complemented by what I learn every day out in the streets of Port of Spain. Since I arrived here I have tried to live this experience to the fullest by meeting people from across the entire spectrum of this society. Read
Countries:  Italy

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