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Trinidad and Tobago
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Sports to fight child obesity in Trinidad and Tobago
19 August 2016
International UN Volunteer Dr Samwarite Gebremariam (Eritrea) supports the implementation of an initiative to reduce obesity in Trinidad and Tobago at Roy Joseph Health Centre (UNV, 2016)
Trinidad and Tobago:

Childhood obesity is a growing concern for children worldwide, but in Trinidad and Tobago the statistics are so alarming that some are calling it an epidemic that requires the full support of schools, communities, families and the children themselves to tackle it. Read

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Compassion incarnate! UN Volunteers in Trinidad and Tobago helping HIV-positive patients
11 December 2015
UN Volunteer Dr. David Musa in his clinic in Trinidad and Tobago (UNV, 2015)
Trinidad and Tobago: I was documenting medical history from a newly diagnosed HIV-positive patient, accompanied by his very caring wife, when they told me how much they loved to dance every weekend before they got ill.

The couple returned after a fortnight, but to my astonishment their medical file bore an older clinical number and was considerably heavier in content. Although it had the same last name, the clinical number was about 4 years old. I tried to refresh my memory in the pursuit of filling in the gaps however, I was sure that the wife had told me that her husband was recently diagnosed with HIV and that’s when she had opted for the HIV test and found it to be positive as well.

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A broad experience goes a long way
01 December 2015
Dr. Diki Wangyal (left), a UN Volunteer from India, talks to a patient at the remote Tabaquite Health Centre in Trinidad and Tobago. (UNV, 2015)
Trinidad and Tobago: I had the privilege and pleasure to work as a UN Volunteer Medical Doctor in three different countries. Thanks to these volunteering experiences, I was able to provide satisfactory and quality health care services to the needy, poor and sick, especially women and children in remote areas. Volunteering gave me the strength to accept the things that I could not change in different and difficult environments, and to share my skills with colleagues so that we could provide better and quality health care. Read
Strengthening primary health care
07 October 2015
UN Volunteer Dr Emma Thompson (centre) has just completed a check-in with her patient (back to camera) while Rene Berryman-Sheppard (right), UNV Programme Assistant asks for feedback and takes notes on the service and support that the patient received from Dr Thompson. (UNV, 2015)
Trinidad and Tobago: Since September 2014, UNV, UNDP and the Ministry of Health have been receiving international UN Volunteers to work in Health Care Centres across Trinidad and Tobago to support current staff and ensure consistent quality service is being provided for the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. We are eager to report that not only were the UN Volunteer doctors thrilled to have us visit them so that they can showcase the great work they are doing, but the UN Volunteers and their patients also repeatedly noted their gratitude for the service that was being provided by the UN Volunteer doctors in the health centres. Read
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29 UNV Medical Doctors provide support to the Ministry of Health in Trinidad and Tobago
03 April 2015
29 United Nations Volunteers Medical Doctors (General Practitioner) provide their support to the Ministry of Health Trinidad and Tobago to improve the standard of health care delivery at primary health care centres, like this one in Tabaquite. (Photo: UNV Trinidad and Tobago, 2015)
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: 29 United Nations Volunteers Medical Doctors (General Practitioner) provide their support to the Ministry of Health Trinidad and Tobago. Health care delivery in Trinidad and Tobago is patterned after the British Firm system where health care is provided through major hospitals, smaller regional hospitals as well as health clinics, which service the out-lying areas. Read
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