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Civil society
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A South Sudan business women's association helps empower its members, keep girls in school and build peace
14 March 2014
Solomon Ayiko (Canada), UNV Recovery, Reintegration & Peace Building Officer with UNMISS, conducts one of 13 sessions on Business Management and Bookkeeping, he held for members of Women Vision, an association he set up for business women in Koch County, South Sudan.  Photo: Samuel Emmanuel, Department of Education, South Sudan. 2013
Koch County, South Sudan: Solomon Ayiko (Canada), a UNV Recovery, Reintegration and Peace Building Officer with UNMISS, established Women Vision, an association for business women in Koch County, South Sudan to help the women find mutual support, pool their resources and expertise, gain training and new skills and ultimately improve their livelihoods and standing in the community. The association also participated in a campaign to educate girls and return to school young girls who had dropped out due to early pregnancy, early marriage and heavy domestic workloads.   Read
Strengthening community action and volunteerism
20 February 2014
UNV Community Volunteer Coordinator Maksuda Muhsinbaeva (centre) during a joint volunteer training event with the Uzbekistan Red Crescent in Namangan, Uzbekistan. (UNDP Europe and Central Asia, 2013)
Tashkent, Uzbekistan: Maksuda Muhsinbaeva is serving as a UNV Community Volunteer Coordinator in Namangan. The project she is part of, Social Innovation and Volunteerism in Uzbekistan, aims to create an environment that is more supportive of youth volunteerism and civic engagement. It’s satisfying but challenging work. In addition to representing the project at a local level, a Community Volunteer Coordinator’s responsibilities include many other elements, such as training volunteer leaders and civil society organizations, facilitating local volunteer initiatives, or partnering with local administrations and stakeholders to promote community development. Read
Countries:  Uzbekistan
UNV issue brief: Basic services and volunteerism
07 February 2014
Bonn, Germany: The UNV issue brief on basic services and volunteerism supports UNV’s advocacy efforts to recognize volunteerism in the post-2015 development agenda as a form of civic engagement that provides a key complementary mechanism for social, economic and environmental transformation. Read
Countries:  Bangladesh  El Salvador  India  Kenya  Sudan  Togo  Viet Nam
UNV Issue Brief: Social Inclusion and Volunteerism
29 January 2014
Using research-based evidence, this Issue Brief demonstrates that volunteerism, when well facilitated, can be a powerful mechanism for promoting social inclusion all over the world. Read
UNV Issue Brief: Peacebuilding and Volunteerism
29 January 2014
Using evidence from post-conflict situations, this Issue Brief demonstrates how volunteerism can be a key means for supporting national peacebuilding and global sustainable development. Read

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