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Youth Volunteers Programme
11 July 2014
Since 1976 when the United Nations General Assembly formally engaged UNV in the inclusion of youth into development and peace building through volunteerism, UNV’s significance towards this goal has been growing ever stronger. The 2014-2017 Strategic Framework of the agency puts emphasis on youth and channels effort towards the UN Youth Volunteers Programme as a means of making consistent and tangible progress. Read
Calling for youth volunteer stories in the Arab region
10 June 2014
The “Arab Youth Volunteering for a Better Future” project announces its first Youth Volunteering Award for young volunteers from Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen, with inspiring stories to share about the importance of volunteering in development. UNV, 2014
Cairo, Egypt: UNV's “Arab Youth Volunteering for a Better Future” project announces its first Youth Volunteering Award to recognize the importance of volunteering for development. The award will go to young volunteers from Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen who have inspiring and life-changing stories to share. Read
Countries:  Egypt  Jordan  Morocco  Yemen
Volunteering for the environment
05 June 2014
Marco Federico Alvarez, UN Volunteer from Guatemala, fulfils his mission with a great deal of determination. His colleagues describe him as someone who has the art of gathering energy around the causes which he defends. Within the Environmental Agreement Unit (UCE, for its acronym in French) of MINUSTAH, this UN Volunteer is responsible for the training of sanitation workers and for the inspection of the MINUSTAH offices within the framework of the UN mission's campaign for solid waste recycling. (UN/MINUSTAH, 2014)
Port au Prince, Haiti: UN Volunteer Marco Federico Alvarez is one of the creators of the solid waste recycling campaign initiated in October 2013 by the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). Since then, the 32-year-old volunteer has been touring the MINUSTAH offices to train sanitation workers, raise awareness amongst his colleagues and inspect the various locations with the aim of recycling 25% of the waste produced by the MINUSTAH offices. Read
More about: Environment  Health
Countries:  Haiti
Young people heading for the COP20: A chance to meet up, exchange ideas and make a commitment
05 June 2014
Lima, Peru: At the beginning of May, a hundred young leaders from more than 18 different regions of the country got together in Lima for the first meeting of “Young people heading for the COP20*”, as part of the Global Youth Service Day. This event was organized by the Ministry of the Environment in Peru, the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme, the National Electoral Panel and the international youth organization AIESEC. Read
More about: Environment
Countries:  Peru
Volunteers plant 230,000 trees in one day
05 June 2014
UNV Programme Officer Hyun-Joo Youn (right), from the Republic of Korea, at the launch event of the volunteer campaign “Let's do it - one million seedlings in 1 day”. Over 230,000 seedlings were planted by 9,000 volunteers throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina on 24 October 2013. (Bosnia Daily, 2013)
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Last October, 9,000 volunteers joined forces to plant over 230,000 trees in one day as part of one of the largest volunteer actions in Bosnia and Herzegovina – the "Let's do it - one million seedlings in 1 day"campaign organized for the second year in a row and supported by the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme. The action was implemented on 24 October 2013 across the country and involved a total of 72 municipalities in both entities. Read
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