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Developing youth capacity on participatory citizenship and human rights
10 December 2014
Capacity-building session on human rights at the Riui Barcelo da Cunha High School in Bissau. (UNV, 2014)
Bissau, Guinea-Bissau: After the military coup of April 2012, all the socio-economic indicators of Guinea Bissau experienced a setback. Strikes in crucial sectors such as education, health care and transportation paralyzed the country. During the annual retreat of the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme in Guinea Bissau in May 2013, UN Volunteers decided to plan some activities to contribute - through volunteerism - to the improvement of the situation in the country, weakened by yet another disruption to the democratic cycle. Read
Mobile Legal Aid Clinics – Vehicles of Empowerment and Justice in The Gambia
08 December 2014
The Gambia: “Since you came, life in this village has changed.”

This is what the Seyfo (chief of the district) said to welcome us when our Mobile Legal Aid Clinics Team visited his village for the second time this year. His thanks were echoed by the Security Officer of the District Tribunal, who said that “now I know my powers and I can help the community.” The Seyfo himself had greatly benefited from our advice, and had returned for the second time with a new list of concerns.  We were astonished when he proudly referred to some of the clients that we had advised last April: “Kebbah has gotten the land back that was taken away from him illegally... Omar is now sleeping again in his house... Aminatta is divorced from the husband that abandoned her and he is now paying for the maintenance of the children that he neglected.”

Countries:  Gambia  Italy
Youth volunteers help organize COP20 to advance to a new climate change protocol
28 November 2014
A team of 10 national UN Volunteers has trained more than 1,200 youth volunteers who will help organize COP20. (UNV, 2014)
Lima, Peru: During the first two weeks of December, the eyes of the world will be on Lima, Peru, in order to follow the COP20, an event of utmost importance in terms of negotiation in order to advance to a new climate change protocol in Paris next year. A team of 10 national UN Volunteers has trained more than 1,200 youth volunteers who will be active during the event, especially in the “Voices for Climate” fair, in which Peru, as host country for COP20, will welcome domestic and foreign visitors. Read
Youth unemployment: The foresight experience in Kosovo
14 November 2014
Prishtina, Kosovo: From my very first day working as a UN Youth Volunteer as part of UNDP’s Inclusive Growth Team in Kosovo, I started to realize that all the statistics showing high levels of unemployment, particularly among youth, are hiding the true and disturbing extent of this issue. With more than 35 percent of young Kosovars neither having a job nor going to school, they grow impatient, pessimistic about their chances to have a decent life, and frustrated with not being heard. Read
Training of Trainers on Volunteerism to promote youth civic engagement
10 November 2014
Amman, Jordan: United Nations for Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme are pleased to announce the launch of a joint volunteer management Training of Trainers (TOT) in Amman. The workshop brings together 20 youth associations and civil society organizations from different Arab countries to share experiences and lessons learned on how youth volunteerism can be harnessed to contribute to promoting peace and sustainable development. Read
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