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General Instructions

The pre-assignment preparation section guides you through the recruitment process - from selection to deployment to your duty station. You must complete all the necessary steps in this section before you are cleared to travel to your assignment. Please do not resign from your current employment until your UNV contact person informs you to do so. The details of your contact person are in your offer cover letter sent to you via email.

UN Volunteers are expected to arrive at the duty station within 4 weeks of receiving the official offer letter pending medical clearance and issuance of necessary visa(s) and clearances by the host country Government. You should discuss any applicable notice period with your host entity supervisor in advance and copy your UNV contact person. Any further delay may lead to a withdrawal of the offer. Please complete the recruitment process within the suggested timeframe.

Certain UN Volunteers may have specific recruitment and deployment cycle. This may apply to local recruitments, fast-track/emergency recruitments, and fully-funded programmes. Your UNV contact person will if advise your assignment falls under one of these categories.

Profile Update and Offer 

Open the selection email you received earlier.

Follow the link included to complete your profile information in VMAM.

Upload your passport copy, academic credentials, and dependent certificates.

Ensure all information and certificates are updated accurately as an error will delay in processing your offer letter.

UNV will validate your profile information and certificates.

You will receive the offer letter via email in approx. 3 working days.


Complete your profile information

UNV Overview, Benefits, and Support Systems

In order to learn more about the UNV programme and to familiarize yourself with the benefits, entitlements, and support systems for UN Volunteers visit the linked resources below.