How does the recruitment process work?

Where demand for recruitment of national UN Volunteers is high, UNV will generally establish a local roster of candidates for national volunteer assignments. In addition, special outreach activities will be undertaken to identify suitable candidates for a volunteer assignment. In all cases, candidates must undergo a competitive interview process to ensure transparency of the system. The UNV Field Units will be responsible for constituting evaluation/interview panels in close consultation with the UN Volunteer host agency.

Vacancy announcements are posted for one to two weeks on the UNDP job shop/eRecruit systems, centralized in this page on our global site, and/or advertised in the local media (newspapers, job sites, and professional associations’ newsletters) by a UNV Programme Assistant/Focal Point. The UNV Programme Assistant/Focal Point circulates it further via e-mail to all UN sister agencies, and places it on the local UNDP JOBSHOP website ( or on the UNDP eRecruit website. In special cases, such as recruitment for remote locations or special outreach activities, the vacancy announcement is circulated as widely as possible through available channels and national institutions, local networks and mass media, i.e. newspapers, etc.