Why become a national UN Volunteer?

Becoming a UN Volunteer is a unique opportunity to enrich personal and professional experience, and it benefits both the individual volunteer and society at large. UNV sends professionals with specialized experience to serve in assignments with a variety of UN agencies to support peace and development. UN Volunteers receive support from the local host agency in their country of assignment so they can fulfill the duties stipulated in their description of assignment.

Together with international UN Volunteers and other UN project personnel, national UN Volunteers contribute to programmes and projects, to the neutrality and visibility of the United Nations, with the institutional back-up of the UN system. Compared with other UN personnel, national UN Volunteers add value with their knowledge of local languages, cultural, social and economic characteristics, and their capacity to work at the local level. National UN Volunteers are particularly well-placed to nurture capacities at the community level, fostering local ownership and sustainability. Assignments can involve contributing to technical cooperation with governments, community-based initiatives, humanitarian relief, rehabilitation and electoral and peace-building processes.