Eyad Mohammad Fakeraldeen Lutfi Alzgool is UN Volunteer Marine Reserve Ranger with Aqaba Marine Reserve, UNDP Jordan.
Eyad Mohammad Fakeraldeen Lutfi Alzgool is UN Volunteer Marine Reserve Ranger with Aqaba Marine Reserve, UNDP Jordan.

Making waves for marine conservation in Jordan

Eight UN Community Volunteers serve with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) at the Aqaba Marine Reserve in Jordan. Through their volunteer assignments, they raise awareness of conserving marine resources including cleaner beach fronts, and advance efforts on Sustainable Development Goal 14 – Life below water.

UN Volunteers are Marine Reserve Rangers at the Aqaba Marine Reserve in the port city of Aqaba in Jordan. As part of the project's activities, they patrol the reserve’s beaches, and complement their service by offering educational programmes and engaging in research initiatives. 

Serving with the Awareness and Public Relations Department, Bdour Abu-Bader supports educational initiatives for the local community ranging from beach clean-up campaigns to maintaining social media platforms. She also supports the operational responsibilities at the reserve.

Bdour also motivates community members to take action on marine conservation efforts. 


Bdour Abu-Bade (front) UN Community Volunteer with UNDP points to evidence demonstrating the importance of marine conservation. @UNV, 2023.


All eight UN Volunteers have multifaceted roles. Through shared practices and tangible evidence, their teamwork raises awareness of the ecosystem and the overall message of protecting biodiversity.

Mohammad Al-Rosan, implements and monitors the management plans for the reserve. He is a civil engineer and conducts socio-economic surveys for inclusive decision-making in the community. His volunteer assignment enables him to explore the terrain and the communities around it. 

Aqaba Marine Reserve project's impact on the local community is significant. It can lead to improved livelihoods for local communities through sustainable tourism and resource management. Environmental education and community engagement efforts raises awareness and promote conservation practices among residents.” Mohammad Al-Rosan, UN Community Volunteer with UNDP in Jordan.

Through the advocacy efforts of UN Volunteers, the Aqaba Marine Reserve has already achieved the international Blue Flag recognition and tentatively awaits the UNESCO World Heritage recognition, among others.

A photo of a brain coral in Aqaba Marine Reserve as photographed by Eyad Al-Zgool, UN Community Volunteer with UNDP in Jordan. @ Eyad Al-Zgool, 2023.


Maysoon Kteifan is with the newly established Research and Studies Department at the Aqaba Marine Reserve. In her volunteer assignment, she creates a database for research and monitoring of marine ecosystems including coral reefs, seagrass beds, and fish communities. Maysoon says that as the structure at the reserve continues to evolve, the service of UN Volunteers effectively supports operations and garners a collaborative approach to manage the reserve's ecosystem. She emphasizes the project's primary focus of establishing a seven-kilometer protected zone while mitigating the impact of human activities along the coastal area.

Establishing a communication channel between the Marine Reserve and local communities is significant shares Maysoon, it helps to increase awareness about conservation and protection.

The outcomes of protecting our marine environment will have a positive impact on the local community. When we maintain a healthy marine environment, it translates to improved access to food sources, increased sustainability in tourism, and improved fisheries.” Maysoon Kteifan, UN Community Volunteer with UNDP Jordan.