First Day(s) and Week(s) Orientation

The Host Entity and/or UNV Representative (UNV Programme Assistant or UNDP Focal Person, if present) will provide you a briefing covering, but not limited to, the following topics. Use the arrival guidance checklist to help you organize your orientation and cover all items.

Host Entity Orientation, Security and Medical Information

Host Entity Orientation and Induction

Your orientation and induction by the Host Entity should include:

  • Welcome upon arrival
  • Tour of the office
  • Formal introduction to staff and relevant partners
  • List of "who is who and "who to contact for what"
  • Individual briefings with programmers, projects and operations

Security Briefing

It is mandatory for all new UN Volunteers to attend a security briefing session organized by United Nations Department for Safety and Security (UNDSS).

Please follow instructions provided by the Host Entity/UNV Representative on when and where to attend the UNDSS security briefing. This briefing should be arranged within the first day(s) of your arrival/entry on duty. 

Medical Facilities

The Host Entity / UNV Representative will provide you with information on medical and health information of the country and medical facilities available at the UN Dispensary (if available) and other recognized local hospitals.

Supervisor Briefing

Support from your supervisor/manager throughout your UNV assignment is crucial. An initial briefing should be part of your induction upon entry on duty – you might want to request one within the first week of arrival.

Here are some suggested topics to cover during your discussions:

Office Equipment

Make sure adequate space and equipment are provided for you to function in your daily duties.

This should include a desk, computer, telephone, and stationery.

Radio (Optional)

Your Host entity may provide you with a radio or satellite phone, if required to carry out your duties.

Make sure you receive training and a relevant user manual.

Business Cards (Optional)

In line with Host Entity policy, you may be provided with business cards as relevant to your Description of Assignment, if required to carry out your duties.

The title on the business card must precede with UNV or should indicate UN Volunteer in bracket (e.g. UNV Logistics Officer).