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Permanent Accommodation

UN Volunteers are primarily responsible for securing a permanent accommodation cleared by United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS). 

The Host Entity and/or UNV Field Unit (if present) could assist you by providing you contacts of real-estate agents, internal announcement boards, and social media groups. 

Some real-estate agents may charge you a fee and you should ask at the beginning.

Seek advice from your colleagues and UNV buddies.

Bank Accounts

Open local bank account

Complete and email the bank form to your UNV contact person.

Ensure all information is accurate as an error will delay payment of your entitlements.


All UN Volunteers are medically covered by Cigna Health Benefits. Upon entry on duty, Cigna will automatically enrol you for coverage.

Your Cigna online account credentials and downloadable ID card will be sent directly by the insurance provider via email. Subsequently, Cigna will send the physical ID card directly to the UNDP Country Office/UNV Field Unit via post.

You may also contact Cigna directly at the following email addresses:

  • International UN Volunteers:

  • National UN Volunteers:

Inventory list of personal belongings

International UN Volunteers will be entitled to reasonable compensation if their personal effects are lost or damaged as a direct result of an emergency situation created by war, civil commotion or natural disaster.

UN Volunteers must fill out the inventory list of belongings and upload to VMAM via available task.

Contact Details

You will receive your official email address from the host entity within the first weeks of your arrival. This email address will be added to the UNV mailing group.

Update your:
  • official contact details on your My Profile in VMAM including email, telephone number, and local home address.
  • supervisor’s official contact details on your My Profile in VMAM including email and telephone number.
  • profile information on UNDSS TRIP including local contact information for emergencies.

Non-compliance may lead to delays and/or non-receipt of official communication from UNV on your assignment related queries and entitlements, as well as support during emergencies.