Step 6 of 6
24-72 hrs
before departure

Security and Final Clearance

You must apply for and secure security clearance prior to your travel (up to 3 days in advance).

Follow instructions below on how to complete this process. You must not travel until you have received all relevant clearances.

Receipt of security clearance marks the completion of your recruitment process. Congratulations! you are now all cleared to start your assignment as a UN Volunteer.

Before you start your assignment, ensure that you:

Carry a valid passport, bank/credit cards and some cash, copy of the offer letter, security clearance, entry visa, and E-ticket. 

Have backups of your documents in a USB or virtual drive.

Have arrival logistics information, including pick-up or approved taxi services, hotels, and maps available on you.

Have your host entity contact information and up to date security information including UNDSS contact names and numbers on yourself (refer Travel Advisory at

Once you have an official email address, you must re-register yourself on UNDSS TRIP and update your profile information on VMAM including local contact information for emergencies.

Accept Contract in VMAM

Once all your pre-departure requirements are complete and your UNV contact person has confirmed your start date, they will generate your contract in VMAM.

Follow this guide to accept the contract in VMAM.