Strategic guidance for UN Volunteer mobilization

In this space, you will find general resources about UNV to directly support your mobilization efforts, including key messaging about UNV and the relevance of volunteerism to the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as facts and figures.
Participants at the event "Volunteers as First Responders in Times of Crisis: Volunteers for Resilience and Solidarity", International Volunteer Day 2017, Nepal.

General resources on volunteerism for peace and development

Volunteer Solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals

The volunteer solutions to the SDGs help to integrate volunteers and volunteerism as a specific solution to implementing the SDGs, outlining our track record, indicating possible volunteer assignments and offering substantive engagement ideas.

Volunteerism for the Sustainable Development Goals


These resources are intended to aid your usage of UNV templates, photos and imagery, and your development of UNV results reporting and partnerships content.

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> Last update: 31 October 2018