Volunteerism to empower women and prevent gender-based violence in Guatemala

10 December 2018
Gender-based violence is prevented through a comprehensive approach and interaction between the political, economic and physical autonomy of women, for the exercise of effective citizenship that ensures the sustainability of all actions. Through volunteerism, I can contribute to empowering women and building resilient communities in Guatemala.

Advocating for human rights and access to justice for communities in Guinea

10 December 2018
In West and Central Africa, much progress is being made in the promotion and defense of human rights. UN Volunteers are a driving force behind this improvement. In Guinea, for example, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) recognizes the commitment, capacities and contribution of UN Volunteers to ensuring that people's rights are respected.

IVD in Asia and the Pacific: volunteers engage people for collective action

In Asia and the Pacific, there are nearly 29 million full-time equivalent volunteers. Volunteers are answering the call to serve their communities, strengthening local ownership and building their communities resilience against natural disasters, economic stresses and political shocks.

This year, IVD celebrates volunteer efforts that strengthen local ownership and the resilience of the community in the face of natural disasters, economic stresses and political shocks. 5 December - International Volunteer Day this year focuses on how volunteers can build resilient communities.

IVD in East and Southern Africa: Volunteers build resilient communities

Where public support and social safety nets are absent, volunteering emerges as a fundamental survival strategy. For example, the SWVR found that in the Dzaleka refugee camp in Malawi, a group of people with disabilities organized to improve their limited access to education and to address their social exclusion in the camp. Without the voluntary networks they established, their needs would have remained invisible to others in the camp.

On IVD, UNDP and UNV celebrate their strong partnership in Tuvalu

International Volunteers Day is an opportunity for volunteers and organizations to celebrate their efforts and share their work among their communities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), United Nations agencies, government authorities and the private sector.

The day focuses on the values of volunteerism through the appreciation of local volunteers. This year we are highlighting the work of UN Volunteers in the Pacific, one of the regions where they are supporting national health responses through the UNDP-Global Fund partnership.

Happy International Volunteer Day 2018

05 December 2018
This International Volunteer Day 2018, we celebrate the work of volunteers everywhere, with a focus on local volunteers working at the community level. We recognize the many ways in which people are dedicating their time to make communities more resilient against natural disasters, economic stresses and political shocks. Actions from around the globe reflect how volunteers are truly inspiration in action. The scale and scope of volunteer activity in responding to shocks and stresses are unparalleled. Our State of the World’s Volunteerism Report 2018 shows that the efforts of more than 1 billion volunteers is equivalent to a workforce of 109 million people engaging for a better world.

International Volunteer Day 2018: Volunteers build resilient communities

Nurturing local volunteerism is a valuable way to bring unheard opinions, and know-how to the table, and helps to weave and strengthen the social fabric of all societies. --Achim Steiner, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, IVD 2018

Not only are volunteers on the front lines in their own communities during hard times, but groups of local volunteers build strength to cope with future crisis. This is because volunteering makes it possible for people to self-organize, share information and respond to shocks and stresses quickly.

IVD in West and Central Africa: volunteers support learning and empowerment

In West and Central Africa, IVD is celebrated in all 24 countries by governments, civil society, non-governmental organizations and the UN system.

This year’s theme, "Volunteers build resilient communities", focuses on the values of volunteerism through the appreciation of local volunteers (including the marginalized groups and women, who make up nearly 60 per cent of volunteers worldwide) and their impact on building a resilient community. 

IVD in Latin America and the Caribbean: uniting volunteers for resilience

The celebrations started in Ecuador, with the Regional Launch of the State of the World’s Volunteerism Report (SWVR) 2018, along with FLACSO and local Governmental and civil society organizations.

Reviving and reinforcing o'uneh – building community resilience in the State of Palestine

03 December 2018
In the face of Israeli occupation, political turmoil, economic difficulties, and environmental stress, the Palestinian community is changing. To survive these threats, communities need to foster resiliency. That’s where volunteerism comes into play. It supports resilience by enabling individuals to work together to shape collective opportunities to deal with risk. It also provides a wider system of support for both individuals and the community as a whole.