15 June 2016
New logo of the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme.

New Brand for United Nations Volunteers

For over forty years the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme has contributed to peace and development through volunteerism worldwide. Since our founding by the General Assembly in 1970, UNV has worked with partners to integrate qualified, highly motivated and well supported UN Volunteers into development programming. In the last twenty-five years, UNV’s mandate has evolved to become an important part of peacekeeping operations and to promote the recognition of volunteerism worldwideUNV is currently implementing its first Strategic Framework, which aims to make the organization more relevant in a changing financial and development context. Such important changes in operations, and UNV’s new focus on programming and innovation were identified as needing a better translation into the organization’s visual identity and messaging. As a result, UNV undertook a brand repositioning to make our words and visuals more clearly represent UNV’s purpose and actions. This repositioning exercise included extensive desk research, interviews and surveys with those in the field and at headquarters. The bottom line is: • UN Volunteers are at the heart of our organization; and • UNV shows that supporting volunteerism can be the change we need to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The objectives of the new brand are to: build stronger connections across our community; increase the visible presence of the UNV brand in the field; engage with partners to better understand the added-value that UN Volunteers provide; and make everyone at UNV realize that seeking new conversations with partners is vital to future growth. As for the visual aspects of the brand, it is now more modern and conveys a greater sense of identity for UNV’s staff, partners and the community of UN Volunteers worldwide. A gradual roll-out plan was seen as the best way to transition into the new brand for the organization. As well as supporting staff with the new templates and Brand Guidelines, the UNV communications team at headquarters will be supporting the change-over with tools and advice. A new website for UNV will be launched at the end of 2016, representing the major public-facing implementation of the new brand identity, messaging and style. With our new brand, staff and UN Volunteers in the field will benefit from a more cohesive brand identity and messaging, with greater pride and a sense of community. Ultimately, a more confident and consistent brand will support new, valuable opportunities for UNV and its partners worldwide to achieve peace and development.

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