1 April 2020

UN Volunteers join COVID-19 response

The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic is placing strains on health systems and essential public services throughout the world. The World Health Organization has described COVID-19 as an unprecedented threat to our global community.

The full scale and impact of COVID-19 is not yet known. However, what is clear is the need for skilled professionals and civic engagement in the response; particularly in countries where the United Nations is working. 

"We know that volunteers are always at the frontline of the response in times of crisis. There are millions of people volunteering to keep people safe during this outbreak," states Olivier Adam, Executive Coordinator of UNV. 

As the common service to the United Nations that mobilises over 8,000 UN Volunteers a year worldwide, UNV is actively joining the UN COVID-19 response. UNV has taken on this challenge like no other in its history and stands ready to mobilize UN Volunteers for what is needed. 

UNV’s Global Talent Pool has over 200,000 registered, highly skilled professionals from over 150 nationalities, representing over 100 different professional profiles. 

UNV also has sub-pools of nationals who have registered to volunteer with the UN in their own country. These volunteers can be deployed without travel; having knowledge of local languages, cultures, and political contexts.  

UN Volunteer candidates have capacities required by the UN system immediately, including in: information management, communications, logistics, community engagement, soci-economic impact assessment, procurement and impact assessment, as well as health-specific areas including Medical Officers, WASH and those with health supply chain experience.

UN Volunteer are ready, as well, to be part of longer-term recovery efforts for economic recovery, monitoring and evaluation, and strengthening health systems.

Another complementary option in the response, is UNV’s Online Volunteering service. UNV has 600,000 registered volunteers ready, within a few clicks, to take on task-based assignments remotely to support the UN. Online volunteer assignments vary from translation and graphic design, to impact assessments and data analysis. Previously, online volunteers supported impact assessments after the Nepal earthquake, and information management in response to Hurricane Irma in 2017. Read here about what the UN has to say about this volunteer service

If you are an UN entity interested in recruiting UN Volunteers for your COVID-19 response, please go to 'How to recruit a UN Volunteer' and contact your closest UNV office from the list. 

We are in this together, and we will get through this together.  


SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals
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