18 June 2015
UNV and the National Youth Council of Fiji publish the country's first report on youth volunteerism Engage. Empower. Experience. Youth Volunteerism in Fiji, launching it in Suva on 12 June 2015.

UNV and National Youth Council of Fiji launch new report on youth volunteerism

UNV and the National Youth Council of Fiji jointly published what is probably the country’s first report on youth volunteerism. Engage. Empower. Experience – Youth Volunteerism in Fiji, was launched in Suva, Fiji on 12 June 2015, produced by a team which included youth volunteers, who took part in every aspect of the report, from the design, collection and analysis of the research on which it was based, to the report’s recommendations.

The process was coordinated by the UNV Fiji Field Unit, led by its UN Volunteer Programme Officer Ulla Helena Gronlund from Finland.

“Admittedly, it would have been easy to have a consultant to work on a report for three months,” says Ulla, “Instead, we had a bunch of volunteers, making the process long and challenging, but all worth it! To us it was important that through the experience of producing this report, youth volunteers in the National Youth Council would get an opportunity to recognize the role and importance of volunteerism not only to their internal capacity, but also for youth development in general.”

You can download the full report.

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