25 August 2016

New UNV report presents the Peru Soy Voluntari@ network model for cross-sector collaboration

During the last years, UNV has been supporting innovative approaches to managing volunteer infrastructure in Peru by facilitating the establishment of the Soy Voluntari@ National Network, a pioneer initiative aiming at cross-sectoral action and dialogue. The Soy Voluntari@ network is an innovative reference for Latin America to create inclusive spaces and coordinate different actors engaged in volunteering.    

The UNV report "Volunteer Entities Networks in Peru: Cross-sector collaboration in the "Soy Voluntari@ network model" presents the methodology used for developing subnational volunteer networks within Peru, and explains how to replicate the model in other countries and contexts.    

The report examines the Soy Voluntari@ network's methods of collaboration across sectors, describes how it increases/enhances the engagement of volunteers in development processes, and shows how this infrastructure can contribute to achieving the new global goals. Finally, the report documents the contribution of Soy Voluntari@ in strengthening public policy and law making to mainstream volunteering as a development tool in Peru.    

The Soy Voluntari@ network has recently received the People's Voices Award for the category "Longstanding contribution to MDG implementation through volunteer action".


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