International Volunteer Day 2022

International Volunteer Day 2022

On International Volunteer Day (IVD) 2022, we celebrate our theme of solidarity through volunteering. For the future of our planet, we must act together and we must act now. This is not an era to stand alone but together, as one, in solidarity with each other.

UNV coordinates IVD on 5 December annually to recognize and promote the tireless work, not just of UN Volunteers, but of volunteers across the globe.

Rising inequalities throughout the world implore that we need to work together to find common solutions. Volunteers, drawn together by solidarity, develop solutions to urgent development challenges and for the common good.

Volunteering is where compassion meets solidarity. Both share the same root values – supporting each other from a position of trust, humility, respect and equality.

In the lead up to #IVD2022, join UNV and volunteers around the globe to celebrate the spirit of volunteerism . We are proud of all volunteers who are role models in their communities by working together in solidarity and personifying inspiration in action.