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The UNV Global Programmes were established in 2015 and concentrate on five focus areas. They are helping countries advance and consolidate peace and accelerate development progress.
UNV Strategic Framework 2014-2017 (UNV, 2014)

UNV joins forces with others around the globe to develop innovative solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Working hand in hand with United Nations organizations, governments, civil society and the private sector, a new generation of UNV Global Programmes is catalyzing innovative ideas, joint projects and working partnerships that respond to the contemporary needs of nations and communities.

The UNV Global Programmes were established in 2015 and concentrate on five focus areas. They are briefly described below. They are helping countries advance and consolidate peace and accelerate development progress. UNV is supporting efforts that maximize volunteerism as a strategic approach for development, integrate South-South cooperation, and factor gender and social inclusion into project design in a meaningful way.

1) Securing access to basic social services

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UN Volunteers are mobilized to deliver and enhance basic social services at national and community levels.

  • UN Volunteers in India support the UN World Food Programme to boost the nutritional status of people living with HIV and AIDS and advocate for better care and treatment. 
  • In Niger, UN Volunteer surgeons and reproductive health specialists work with the United Nations Population Fund to establish innovative rural health insurance schemes and help pregnant women access health services. 
  • UN Volunteers responded to the Ebola crisis in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, by partnering with Guinean youth organizations to raise awareness and prevention among community members and by mapping affected areas, among other tasks.

2) Community resilience for environment and disaster risk reduction

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UN Volunteers contribute to bolster the capacity and resilience of communities to respond to and prevent disasters, UNV develops innovative approaches to disaster risk reduction by harnessing the power of volunteerism for disaster prevention and preparedness.

  • UNV quickly mobilized an extensive response to the Nepal earthquake in April 2015. Under a joint project with the United Nations Development Programme and the Nepalese government, 84 UN Volunteer civil engineers and youth volunteers helped manage debris cleanup and demolition of dangerous structures. The volunteers trained 200 community workers in building assessment; these workers in turn employed over a dozen workers each under UNDP’s Cash for Work scheme, thereby involving thousands of people in a safe demolition project.

3) Peacebuilding

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UN Volunteers boost the effectiveness of the United Nations system’s capabilities in peacebuilding and peacekeeping. UN Volunteers promote civic participation and participatory dialogue in peacebuilding processes.

  • In one joint project, young volunteers are engaged in building a culture of peace in post-conflict Mali. 
  • UN Volunteers working with the United Nations mission in South Sudan promote conflict prevention, early warning between communities and help organize dialogues. 
  • In Haiti, UN Volunteer Judicial Affairs Officers are reviewing a draft law against the trafficking of persons and are working to improve monitoring and evaluation of detainees in detention centers.

4) Youth

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Through volunteering, young people can overcome exclusion, gain a sense of empowerment and contribute to improving global peace and development – all the while building their personal and professional skills.

  • A groundbreaking partnership between the Burkina Faso Ministry of Youth and Employment, UNDP, UNV and France Volontaires led to the first national law on volunteerism in West Africa. More than 13,000 youth volunteers have been mobilized to support national development, 66 percent of whom were able to get decent paid work afterward.

5) National capacity development through volunteer schemes

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UNV encourages the creation and strengthening of volunteer infrastructure as a pathway toward utilizing greater professional and technical capacities at national and subnational levels.

  • UNV is providing technical and operational support to the Economic Community of West African States Volunteer Programme. Dozens of youth volunteers from countries across the region have been deployed in Guinea and Sierra Leone to serve as secondary school teachers, nurses, midwives, physicians and youth mobilization specialists. An independent evaluation found that the programme has contributed to a reduction in teen pregnancies, better spacing of births, lowering maternal mortality rates and improved success rates in national exams at schools.

UNV is drawing upon its fifty-five years of experience to offer professional and technical backing to a wide array of partners to create solutions to the most pressing development challenges. UNV’s large pool of skilled, socially conscious and dedicated volunteers from around the world have made and continue to make the mission of UNV and the goals of its partners possible.

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> Last update: 04 April 2017