09 March 2017
Partners can finance the costs of UN Volunteers through our Full Funding Programme. This programme enables donors to choose to sponsor nationals of their own country or those of other nationalities.
UNV Full Funding Report 2014-2015 (UNV, 2016)

Through this programme, UNV enables its funding partners to deliver on their strategic priorities in response to the partner country needs and the work of the UN system at country and regional levels.

At first, governments funded their own nationals for UN Volunteer assignments, and then Germany and Luxembourg expanded the concept by funding UN Volunteers from the Global South to work in other countries, as well as national UN Volunteers to work in their own countries.

In recent years, partnership opportunities in the Full Funding Programme have expanded to include universities, civil society organizations, and, most recently, the private sector to align with the aim to work with more stakeholders to contribute to the SDGs.

The Full Funding Programme has a positive impact in many different ways. Through this experience, UN Volunteers contribute significantly to promote volunteerism, support the work of the UN system and impact significantly on development results on the ground.

In addition, results from our internal surveys show that UN Volunteer assignments enrich the lives of those who volunteer and provide them with interesting opportunities to gain new skills and grow at the professional and personal level, both broadening their peer networks and gaining international exposure and experience within the UN system.

In the UNV Annual Survey 2015, 86% of fully funded UN Volunteers indicated that they were satisfied with their experience and 88% agreed that their knowledge, competencies and skills had been developed through the assignment.

To hear about the real life experiences of UN Volunteers, please listen to the ‘Blue Room Talk’ of Aissata Ba, UN Volunteer Fully Funded by Luxembourg, and Thiago Resende Xavier, UN Volunteer Fully Funded by Brazil.

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For enquiries about the UNV Full Funding Programme, contact our Partnerships Section at: partnershipsupport@unv.org

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