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Communication for Development (C4D) Officer 14 March 2021 Nat. Specialist UNICEF Ethiopia
Gambela (ETH)
12 months
14 March 2021

Minimum age: 22 years old. Applicants must be nationals of or legal residents in the country of assignment.

Within the delegated authority and under the supervision of Chief of Field Office or his/her designated mandated representative(s), the UNV C4D Officer will:

  1. Support to strategy design and development of C4D activities

  • Research and/or participate in conducting comprehensive C4D situation analysis of social, cultural, economic, communication and political issues in the region. Collect and synthesize qualitative and quantitative information and data to support the establishment of comprehensive and evidence-based information for developing and planning C4D strategy and interventions in the region.
  • Collect, draft and/or organize materials and related documentations for C4D strategies and plans to ensure optimum impact, scale and sustainability of achievements/results.
  • Assess the impact of C4D activities on the CO and UNICEF goals to achieve measurable behavioral and social change resulting in the improvement of children’s rights and wellbeing. Submit qualitative report/synthesis of results for development planning and improvement.
  • Support to contextualize the development, pretesting, translation and repackaging of existing as well as new Behavior Change and Communication (BCC) materials in consultation with relevant Regional Bureaus, Programme Officers, the C4D unit, and other relevant stakeholders
  • In collaboration with UNICEF Programme staff and relevant government sector staff, participates in the development of evidence-based sectoral strategies and workplans (both development and emergency-related) to ensure the design and incorporation of specific Communication for Development components with objectives and activities aimed at different levels:
    • behavior development/change individual/household/facility levels;
    • community participation, social change and collective action at community level; and
    • social mobilization of community-based organizations and advocacy for decision makers;
  1. Support to the implementation of C4D activities

  • Collaborate with internal and external partners to provide operational and technical support to the design of C4D strategies, and research, develop, test, produce and use quality C4D materials and/or organize events and activities to ensure maximum outreach and impact on behavioral and social change of target audience.
  • Assess and recommend potential contacts, networks, resources and tools to support the maximum impact and outreach of C4D initiatives.
  • Follow up on the production of C4D materials to ensure technical quality, consistency and relevancy of communications materials that are developed, produced and disseminated to target audience (e.g. individuals, communities, government officials, partners, media etc).

  1. Advocacy, networking and partnership building

  • Build and maintain partnerships through networking and proactive collaboration with national and international civil society organizations, community groups, leaders and other critical partners in the community and civil society to reinforce cooperation through engagement, empowerment and self-determination and to pursue opportunities for greater advocacy to promote UNICEF’s mission and goals for child rights, social equity and inclusiveness.
  • Collaborate with internal global/regional communication partners to harmonize, link and/or coordinate messaging to enhance C4D outreach and contribution to programmatic outcomes.
  • Provide technical support to UNICEF, regional sector bureaus and partners including contributing to the adapting of or sharing relevant standards, protocols, guidelines and training materials for C4D

  1. Innovation, knowledge management and capacity building

  • Institutionalize/share best practices and knowledge learned/products with national/local partners and stakeholders to build capacity of practitioners/users, and disseminate lessons learned to key audiences including donors and partners.
  • Support the organization, administration and implementation of capacity building initiatives to enhance the competencies of clients/stakeholders/partners across programme sectors in C4D planning, implementation and evaluation in support of programmes/projects. Develop training materials for training activities and revise them periodically for improvements and updates.
  • Provide technical and coordination support to C4D trainings at regional, Zonal, and Woreda levels for Government counterparts, partner organizations, and their volunteer networks.
  • Build the capacity of a social mobilization multi-sectoral regional platform (Health, Education, Religious groups, CSOs, medias, etc.) in terms of coordination, planning, monitoring of C4D interventions including use of emergency communication materials for creating a strategic network of social mobilization trainers

  1. Monitoring and Reporting

  • Undertake regular field monitoring and report based on agreed C4D indicators
  • Contribute to the regular monitoring of C4D actors’ capacity according to the needs raised during rapid assessments / KAP surveys
  • Compile regional C4D reports, emergency and development, from the field and update progress on key results
  • Ensure multi-media materials are distributed to the intended target groups and monitor and address gaps
  • Participates in regional and Zonal coordination mechanisms and follow up on C4D tasks
  • Any other related tasks as may be required or assigned by the supervisor.

Bachelor degree or equivalent

At least first degree in the social/behavioural sciences, (Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Communication, Public Relations and Health Promotion and Education) with emphasis on communication planning for behaviour development, social mobilization, participatory communication and research training and impact evaluation of communication interventions.

12 Months
  • A minimum of one year of experience in planning and implementing C4D/SBCC programmes
  • Previous experience in working/living in communities is an added advantage.
  • Excellent oral and written skills; excellent drafting, formulation, reporting skills;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills; culturally and socially sensitive; ability to work inclusively and collaboratively with a range of partners, including grassroots community members, religious and youth organizations, and authorities at different levels; familiarity with tools and approaches of communications for development;
  • English(Mandatory), Level - Fluent
Other communications related experience
  • Experaince in Behavior Change communication planning is a requirment (Mandatory)
  • Experaince in multi-channel communication design is an asset
  • Experaince in evidence generation for Social and Behavior Change Communication is an asset

Adaptability and Flexibility, Client Orientation, Communication, Ethics and Values, Knowledge Sharing, Managing Performance, Planning and Organizing, Professionalism, Working in Teams

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Application deadline: 14th March 2021

Associé interprète 17 March 2021 Nat. Specialist UNHCR Burundi

Associé interprète

National Specialist
Ruyigi (BDI)
12 months
17 March 2021

Minimum age: 22 years old. Applicants must be nationals of or legal residents in the country of assignment.

Sous la supervision directe de l’Administratrice Associée de Protection à la Sous-délégation de Ruyigi, le/la Volontaire des Nations Unies effectuera les tâches suivantes :

  • Interpréter avec précision de Kiswahili et Kirundi/Kinyamulengue en Français et Anglais et vice versa pour les interviews avec les réfugiés ainsi que pour autres évènements (y compris mais pas exclusivement : campagnes d’information publique, formations, missions, et réunions) ;
  • Fournir une reproduction précise des principes et idées dans la langue spécifiée ;
  • Utiliser des dictionnaires et/ou glossaires des expressions techniques pour référence si nécessaire ;
  • Interpréter de la terminologie formelle aussi bien que langage courant, jargon et acronymes inclus ;
  • Traduire des documents sur demande, par exemple : les certificats de naissance, procédures standards de l’opération et autres documents selon les besoins ;
  • Se rendre régulièrement aux camps des refugies, centre de transit pour rapatries ou autres endroits d’entretien afin d’interpréter des interviews ;
  • Assurer la confidentialité de toute information partagée pendant l’interview ;
  • Maintenir professionnalisme, respect, neutralité et impartialité au plus haut degré pendant les entretiens ;
  • Interpréter pour les missions venues des pays de réinstallation ou autres, si nécessaire et approuvé par le superviseur.
  • Assister aux autres tâches selon les besoins, par exemple : classement de la documentation et formation des nouveaux recrutés et/ou interprètes.
  • Appuyer les missions de pays de réinstallation en termes de traduction, interprétariat et remplissage des formulaires pendant les entretiens de pré-sélection et sélection.
  • Appuyer au besoin les activités liées au rapatriement dans les Centres de Transit, incluant l’accueil et l’accompagnement des rapatriés ainsi que la coordination des autres activités d’assistance en collaboration avec les partenaires opérationnels.
  • Participer dans les missions de monitoring de protection ou monitoring des frontières en compagnie des assistant de terrain/ protection.
  • Produire des rapports d’activités et formuler des recommandations en vue de l’amélioration de l’assistance de personnes sous mandat du HCR au Burundi.
Technical/Vocational diploma

Avoir terminé les études secondaires avec un certificat post secondaire ou équivalent (en langues/littérature, droit, sciences politiques et sociaux ou équivalent)

24 Months

Min. 02 ans d’expérience pertinente pour la fonction

Langues : Excellent Kiswahili, Kirundi/Kinyamulenge, Français et Anglais

  • English(Mandatory), Level - Fluent
  • French(Mandatory), Level - Fluent
Translation and interpretation

Traduction et interprétation


Commitment and Motivation, Commitment to Continuous Learning, Communication, Ethics and Values, Integrity, Professionalism, Respect for Diversity, Working in Teams

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Date limite pour postuler : Le 17 Mars 2021