SWVR 2018 Research

SWVR 2018 Fieldwork
For the first time, the 2018 SWVR will draw on original field research conducted by 24 volunteers in 15 countries. This will be used to complement macro-level data analysis on volunteerism trends and opportunities around the world. Supported by an academic Senior Researcher and Research Mentors, volunteers from UNV, Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies, ActionAid, VSO, JICA, and the Association of Voluntary Centres in the Russian Federation carried out qualitative research, addressing the questions: • What are the distinctive characteristics of volunteerism that help and/or hinder community capacities, assets and strategies for resilience? • How does volunteerism interact with the wider structures, norms and processes of resilient communities?  
2018 SWVR research map
Field Research partners
2018 Thematic Papers
We are commissioning eight thematic papers that will be used to inform the main report and explore in-depth pressing issues and themes relevant to volunteering for community resilience. Themes include: measurement of volunteering, enabling environment, refugees, humanitarian system, gender and inclusion, youth and conflict prevention, and environmental hazard mapping and monitoring. The papers will be published throughout 2018 on this website.