UNV emergency response offer for UN system partners

In the face of the ongoing war in Ukraine, with millions of Ukrainians impacted and displaced, the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme stands ready to support United Nations partners in their emergency response in Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

UNV emergency response offer for UN system partners

UNV Online Volunteering offer for the UN response in Ukraine

UNV is well placed to deploy onsite UN Volunteers, as well as Online Volunteers, to support your operations in response to the ongoing war in Ukraine and its neighboring countries. UNV can also enable direct recruitment and/or re-assignment of currently serving UN Volunteers.

How can UN Volunteers help?

UNV is currently working with partners to recruit UN Volunteer Aid Coordination Specialists, Risk Communications and Community Engagement Specialists and External Relations Officers in Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. Check out currently advertised opportunities for inspiration, refer to the UN Partner Toolkit, or reach out if you would like assistance with possible descriptions of assignment: support@unv.org.

What UN Volunteer profiles does UNV offer?

Available UN Volunteer profiles include the below. This list is not exhaustive; contact UNV with your specific needs and requests:

  • Emergency response, immediate relief operations, protection of internally displaced persons

  • Cross-border humanitarian aid operations, refugee support

  • Humanitarian affairs, coordination, and information management

  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

  • Food safety and nutrition, livelihoods

  • Medical and nursing services, including mental health and psycho-social support

  • Child protection

  • Communication, knowledge management, public information, and reporting

  • Logistics and supply management, procurement

  • Resource mobilization, partnership, and donor coordination

  • Programme implementation, management, and development

  • Civil engineering and construction supervision

  • Administrative, finance and HR support

  • Other areas

How to deploy UN Volunteers

To start off the recruitment process, UNV only requires a Description of Assignment (DOA – akin to terms of reference) and confirmation of funding. DOA templates and other information are available online in our UN Partner Toolkit.

Speed, Flexibility and Value

Speed: Deployment speed depends on specificities of profiles required but can be as short as two weeks from the provision of the DOA and funding confirmation.

Flexibility: UNV offers a wide variety of UN Volunteers categories (national and international), representing over 100 different professional categories. UNV also offers Online Volunteers for task-based, short-term assignments in areas such as analysis, data collection, graphic design, translation and more.

Value: UN Volunteers receive a comprehensive benefits and entitlements package including monthly living allowance; relocation support; health, life, and permanent disability insurance; and family allowances when relevant.

Contact information for inquiries on hosting UN Volunteers:

UNV Ukraine Field Unit

Mr Yuriy Savko
UNV Country Coordinator


UNV Regional Office for Europe and CIS
Ms Tugce Duysak, Programme Associate
(for the Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia)


Proforma costs of UN Volunteers

The estimated proforma cost of a three-month UN Volunteer Specialist assignment with over three years of experience in related professional areas. Other UN Volunteer categories are available upon request.


International UN Volunteer

National UN Volunteer


US $20,293

US $7,399

Czech Republic

US $21,098

US $7,591


 US $20,252

US $7,254


US $20,252

US $4,778


US $19,352 

US $7,919


US $19,352

US $6,036


US $19,842

US $7,339

For specific duration and specific modalities for a proforma cost, please visit: https://app.unv.org/calculator.

Online Volunteers

Online Volunteers are an additional resource to support your emergency response. They come without any cost to the requesting UN entity. Request Online Volunteers through UNV's Unified Volunteering Platform.

For example, Online Volunteers supported the UNV country offices in Nepal, Lebanon, Afghanistan and during other emergencies through translation, data collection, identifying, documenting, mapping of volunteer and community support initiatives, analyses, and reporting.

The UNDP Bureau for Policy and Programme Support in New York also utilized Online Volunteering for data analysis and research to contribute to the UNDP-UN Women COVID-19 Global Gender Response Tracker, to monitor governments’ responses taken to tackle the pandemic and to provide guidance for policymakers and evidence for advocates to ensure a gender-sensitive COVID-19 policy response.