UNV Suite

The UNV Suite is a package of communications materials and resources to guide your efforts to increase UN Volunteer mobilization with UN entities and reach out to funding partners.

Your colleagues in Bonn and New York will be working closely to guide you in preparing tailored narratives for your conversations with UN clients and other partners. This may be in the form of your own country-specific presentations, or simply a better understanding of how to engage UN entities and funding partners in conversation.

We will also offer you coaching to build this narrative and be confident in marketing the added value of UNV. Our common goal, through the use of the UNV Suite, is to increase the request for UN Volunteers from UN entities in working towards the Sustainable Development Goals.  We also wish to build new and stronger partnerships with our funding partners.

For further information and assistance, kindly contact Amina Said (amina.said@unv.org).


Strategic Guidance for UN Volunteer mobilization: How do we use the UNV Corporate Suite? What's the added value of UNV to UN entity partners? Learn more >>


Resources for outreach to UNV partners: How to host a UN Volunteer? How many volunteers serve with UNFPA, UN WOMEN or UNICEF? Learn more >>


Resources for outreach to UNV funding partners: How does the Full Funding Programme work? Who are the partners and what are their priorities?  Learn more >>


UNV Service Lines: UN Volunteers are a rapid solution to global health emergencies, but they also support elections, events and even UN headquarters Learn more >>

> Last update: 13 October 2017