IVD in Latin America and the Carribbean: Building solidarity through volunteerism

In Mexico, a celebratory lunch took place. UN Volunteers serving in the country, UN partners and the UNV field office recognized the contributions of UN Volunteers. Two special guests graced the occassion, UNV Deputy Executive Coordinator, Koyko Yukusaka, and UNV Regional Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, Lita Paparoni.

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Ms Yokosuka and Ms Paparoni alongside UN Volunteers and UN partners in Mexico

There were IVD celebrations in the Caribbean! In Jamaica, a virtual discussion on the importance of volunteerism for national development was held. UN Volunteers, UN partners, Civil Society Organizations, and the government participated. In Haiti, IVD was celebrated at Karibe Hotel with a space to recognize the contributions of UNV. In addition, there was room to share good practices and discuss new ideas for volunteering.

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UN Volunteers in Haiti sharing a space to teambuild

In Panama, after two years of social distancing due to COVID-19, the first onsite reunion was possible. This activity was organized by UNV Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean with the intention to provide a teambuilding opportunity for UN Volunteers serving in the country. Volunteering for SDG 13 was the main topic of this activity and included a visit to a nature reserve, a hike through the rainforest with a volunteer guide, and a learning opportunity about conservation efforts.

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UN Volunteers in Panama visiting the nature reserve as an IVD 2022 activity

Honduras organized a panel discussion centering on the value of volunteering at United Nations. It took place at the Resident Coordinator’s house with an attendance of UN Volunteers and personnel from UN agencies. UN Volunteers got an opportunity to share their volunteer narrative with the public, and the significance of volunteerism for sustainable development.

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UN Resident Coordinator in Honduras in the panel discussion with 3 UN Volunteers

Brazil also joined IVD celebrations by hosting a virtual Blue Room Talk. This was an opportunity for UN Volunteers to showcase their personal volunteer journey and share their milestones. Four UN Volunteers currently serving with UNDP and UNICEF in Brazil shared their stories. 

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UNDP Brazil's Representative participating in the Blue Room Talk held by UNV Brazil as a celebration for IVD 2022

In Chile, UNV participated in a volunteer fair organized by Porta Foundation. More than 100 people supported the fair. The highlight was a broadcast message from UNV Regional Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, Ms. Lita Paparoni.

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Colombia started its IVD celebrations with a breakfast of the Internal Working Group to recognize UN Volunteer contribution with Refugees. The Group focuses on a special initiative under which UN Volunteers serve together with UNHCR and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Another event to recognize all serving UN Volunteers was held under the theme 'No one is left behind' where participants got trainings related to persons with disabilities. Members of UNV Regional Office for Latin America and the Carribbean, Yoshi Cary and Adriana Luna were in attendance. In addition, UNV Country Coordinator, Claudia Godoy spoke about the Volunteer Law in Columbia at an event at the Congress.

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UN Volunteers in Colombia celebrating IVD 2022

UNV in Ecuador was part of the Concierto con Alma Voluntaria, a volunteer soul concert. Nine volunteer involving organizations hosted more than 500 people.  Another event was held on 5 December where 160 serving UN Volunteers participated. Various activities framed this event such as a discussion on SDGs, teambuilding that included a talent show and a dance.

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UN Volunteers in Ecuador celebrating IVD 2022

Guatemala, Venezuela, Peru, and Bolivia were the four countries that celebrated the Country Awards, an opportunity to recognize the most outstanding volunteer contributions in the country.

In Guatemala, the event was co-hosted by the Guatemalan Volunteer Center. Two UN Volunteers were acknowledged. One of them is Antonio Palma, UN Volunteer with disabilities serving with the UN Resident Coordination Office. Antonio works in communication. The second one is Zully Magzul, UN Volunteer from the indigenous community who serves with OHCHR, and promotes indigenous communities’ rights. UN Volunteers in Guatemala also enjoyed a luncheon together.

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OHCHR Guatemala's Representative Mika Kanervavouri with UN Volunteer Antonio Palma, UN Volunteer Zully Magzul and UNV Guatemala Country Coordinator Claudia de San Román

In Peru, the Country Award or RENAVOL (National Recognition to Volunteering Good Practices) was co-hosted by the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Population, and the Alliance Francaise. 100 participants were part of the event. It was intended to recognize volunteer involving organizations as an incentive to promote projects focused on humanitarian assistance and the environment. There were also two other events in Lima and Tumbes, where UN Volunteers reconnected with each other, participated in teambuilding activities and shared their volunteer stories. A virtual gathering with all UN Volunteers in the country was held with the support of UN Resident Coordinator, Igor Garafulic.

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UN Volunteers in Peru celebrating IVD 2022

For its first edition, the Country Award in Venezuela recognized volunteer actions promoting Sustainable Development Goals in the COVID-19 context. Also, with a commemorative plaque, UN Volunteers thanked the UN Agencies, Funds, and Programmes. Three additional events took place. Two of which, centered on stories and best practices narrated by UN Volunteers. Civil society organizations were part of the celebrations in a bid to strengthen the volunteering culture in Venezuela.

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Winners of the Venezuela's Volunteer National Award 2022

In Bolivia, the National Volunteer Award, “Premio Yanapiri”, recognized the volunteer actions under five categories: environment, fight against COVID-19, youth, governmental institutions, and innovation. The award was accompanied by a discussion on the achievements and challenges of volunteering in Bolivia, co-hosted with the Ministry of Justice and Institutional Transparency. UN Volunteers in Bolivia had two opportunities to interact with each other and share their stories. Volunteers from the platform Voluntariado en Acción received certificates for their volunteer contribution. UNV Deputy Regional Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, Mr. Bart Tilkin, alongside three UNV Regional Office members, Yoshi Cary, Adriana Luna, and Joselin Valenzuela participated in these activities.

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UN Volunteers in Bolivia, alongside UNV Deputy Regional Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, Bart Tilkin, celebrating IVD 2022