UNV funding partners

Funding partners broaden participation by supporting UN Volunteers in their field assignments, and assist UNV to uphold the value and global recognition of volunteerism.
UNV Annual Report 2015 (UNV, 2016)

Our funding partners are essential for UNV to mobilize a much-needed resource—motivated people. From the seasoned and optimistic to the young and committed, UN Volunteers share their energy and skills with nations and communities around the globe through United Nations agency placements. UN Volunteers are a flexible, cost-effective resource that ensure scale, impact and sustainability in peace and development interventions, including in crisis and post-crisis situations.

UNV maintains field presences in over 80 countries and works actively in around 130 countries every year, and the organization and its volunteers play a bridging role within the United Nations system.

When partners fund UNV’s work they can increase the visibility of their international engagement and promote people-centered development cooperation. In addition to broadening participation by supporting UN Volunteers in their field assignments, funding partners also assist UNV to uphold the value and global recognition of volunteerism.

Four ways to support UNV financially

Special Voluntary Fund

The UNV Special Voluntary Fund mainly targets innovative projects that respond to critical development challenges and capacity deficits. Quite often the fund supports pilot projects. Projects financed under the Special Voluntary Fund must demonstrate the relevance of volunteerism to sustainable development and be in line with the five global programmes outlined in UNV’s 2014-17 Strategic Framework. Special Voluntary Fund projects are selected on the basis of the added value they offer to the efforts of partners within the United Nations system.

During 2014-2015, Member States contributed US$ 7.9 million to the Special Voluntary Fund. Contributions were received from the governments of Germany, Sweden, Switzerland (top three donors), Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Czech Republic, China, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Morocco, Switzerland, Sweden and Thailand.

It is a testament to the solidarity and support for the power of volunteering that two of the world’s least developed countries (Bangladesh and the Lao People's Democratic Republic) and others from the Global South contributed to this special fund in 2014-2015.

Latest Special Voluntary Fund Report.

Youth Volunteering Trust Fund

This new trust fund is a vital mechanism that allows greater numbers of young people to volunteer under a professional global programme. By helping support the UNV Youth Volunteering Trust Fund, donors gain the opportunity to promote the engagement of youth from around the world and all walks of life in significant development processes and results.

The UNV Youth Volunteering Trust Fund is flexible and allows rapid capacity support to the evolving needs of partners worldwide in line with their geographic and thematic priorities. The criteria for field partners to receive UNV support under this trust fund are: inclusion, innovation, strategic importance, support to national priorities and sustainability.

Read more about the UNDP/UNV Youth Volunteering Trust Fund.

Cost sharing

Funding partners can choose to fund or co-fund specific UNV programmes, projects and events. Partners may contribute to cost sharing in three different ways:

  • partially fund projects using a Third Party Cost-Sharing Agreement;
  • fund an entire project using a Third Party Cost-Sharing Agreement; or
  • contribute to a trust fund that supports broad themes or regional programmes.

Reporting requirements for cost sharing arrangements are agreed upon with partners in advance and reflected in a finalized financial agreement. A substantive progress report, with a financial statement, is submitted to donors on an annual basis. Governments, the private sector and other institutions can contribute to cost sharing.

Full Funding Programme

Donors can finance individual UN Volunteer assignments of nationals of their own country or of other countries whose nationals they wish to support in UNV placements.

→ More information about UNV’s Full Funding Programme.

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